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    Invest In Your Travel

    Your travel has an environmental impact, contributing to the release of the greenhouse gases that drive climate change.  Ideally, changes in our behaviors and consumption and the development of new technologies will  reduce or eliminate those emissions.  In the meantime, however, there are concrete steps that you can take to minimize the impacts of your travel.

    One such way  to reduce the carbon footprint of your personal travel is through carbon offsets. Projects that remove carbon or avoid emissions provide these offsets and markets and demand currently drive the price of those offsets. By purchasing offsets through CC’s carbon offset fund, you are funding these projects.  The cost to offset your travel is minimal compared to the cost of the trip itself.

    At Colorado College, your air and ground travel offsets go toward landfill gas destruction projects in Colorado, Utah, and Oklahoma, which prevent greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere and contributing to climate change. Thank you for joining us in acting to support our values and goals.

    Travel Offset Calculator