Health and Wellness

At Colorado College, sustainability encompasses elements of the entire campus. Issues like mental health and fairly paid employees are just as important to sustainability as the number of solar panels that we have on campus.

Additionally, the policies developed through the school's administration have a significant effect on how sustainability can be implemented throughout the campus. In the Office of Sustainability, we strive to institutionalize ethics of sustainability and work with the Board of Trustees and our administration to increase the impacts and visibility of sustainability-related issues across our campus through measurement, planning, and policies that support our goals.


Colorado College recognizes the impact that health and well-being at work have on sustainability, particularly on the sustainability of one of our most valued assets - the people who comprise our college. Our accomplishments reflect this recognition:

  • Over 95% of CC employees receive a living wage (local living wage is $16.88). This includes full-time, part-time and temporary/adjunct employees (academic and non-academic).
  • The college conducts a bi-annual campus climate survey that assesses, among other things, job satisfaction/support, teaching environment, communication, compensation/benefits/work-life balance and facilities and resources.
  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers assistance to benefit eligible employees, spouses and dependent children dealing with marital and family problems, anxiety and depression, and many other mental health, financial and family related issues.
  • The Boetcher Health Center offers students six counseling session free of charge.
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Campus Resources

The Wellness Resource Center

The Wellness Resource Center coordinates and integrates efforts to promote health and prevent health problems, including education of campus constituents on a range of wellness-related topics.

The Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides mental health services to students. It is available to all enrolled Colorado College students, and there is no fee for the first six sessions of counseling.

Adam F. Press Fitness Center

Fitness is an essential aspect of maintaining not just physical, but also mental, health. The Adam F. Press Fitness Center, open 7 days per week (except for block breaks), encourages the entire Colorado College community to stay in shape.

The Chaplains' Office

The Chaplain's Office is dedicated to keeping students engaged, encouraging reflection, and helping students connect to deeper experiences of belonging.

Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Resources partner with students, faculty, and staff to welcome and encourage full participation of all people on our campus in all aspects of life in college.

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center, with an understanding that healthy students are engaged students, partners with Optum to provide health services to students on campus.

Human Resources

Human Resources at Colorado College offers a plethora of services relating to wellness, including employment opportunities, benefits and wellness, learning and professional development, employee appreciation, strategic and organizational development, and much more.