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    Green Room Certification

    The Colorado College Eco-RA program, supported by the Sustainability Office, promotes peer-to-peer education to foster sustainable living practices on and off campus. All residential areas, including large residence halls, apartments, smaller campus houses and off-campus areas are served by one or more student Eco-RA. Selected Eco-RA’s educate locally in their respective residential spaces, through formal and informal programming, marketing materials, and events. In addition, ECO-RA’s implement conservation measures in their residential areas. Examples of activities include monitoring and reporting on energy and water use, identifying opportunities to minimize paper waste, coordinating CFL light bulb exchanges, and supporting material reuse & recycling.

    green your room

    How To Get Green Room Certified 

    Want to reduce your impact on the environment, help Colorado College achieve its carbon neutrality goal by 2020, and learn how to save money by cutting energy and water use by changing consumption habits? Get ready, get certified.

    1. Review the Green Room Checklist to see if you are eligible (click the Green Room Checklist below)

    2. Submit an online form evaluating your experience (click the Green Room Online Form below)

    3. Contact the program manager - Naomi Tsai ( to schedule a room check

    4. If you meet the required criteria, you will receive your certification door display and be entered in the Green Room Raffle

    *** You must submit your application by the first Friday of Block 4 to receive entry into the Semester raffle and the first Friday of Block 8 for the Spring Semester ***

    Green Room Checklist

    Green Room Online Form