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    Green Office Certification

    The individual lifestyle choices of Colorado College members impact the college's sustainability goals and the wider Colorado Springs community. The Green Office Certification Program provides a framework for sustainable living and recognizes staff and faculty who strive to reduce their daily impact on the environment. 

    Green Your Office

    How To Get Green Office Certified 

    1) Decide if you (as an individual) or you (as a whole department/office) plans to get certified, and click the most fitting link below

    2) Follow the instructions on the Certification Worksheet and submit online

    3) A representative will then contact you to schedule a verification inspection

    4) Once verified, you will receive a "Green Office" plaque for your office

    Individual Checklist

    Office Checklist

    How the Certification System Works

    Do you have what it takes to be certified? Each action listed in the Certification Worksheet has been assigned a point value based on its perceived difficulty, benefits, and cost. There are three levels. You'll need 40 points for Level 1, 50 points for Level 2, and 60 points for Level 3. At each level, you will receive a different certification for your efforts. If you or your office reaches Level 3, a wooden handmade plaque will be awarded. 

    Questions and Comments

    This is a new program at Colorado College, and as such, may require revision as it matures. Please email Naomi Tsai ( with any suggestions and comments, they are greatly appreciated.