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    Like to bike, but don't have a bike? Don't have a car? Have a car, but don't want to drive? Check out PikeRide! 

    Colorado College has partnered with PikeRide, a city wide bike share program that allows CC students to use the bikes at no cost. Check out the two physical bike stations on campus - one at the Fine Arts Center and one outside of Tutt Library. Download the app and locate all the geo-fenced areas that you can park your bike!


    ALERT: CC PikeRide Station Update! 

    Your PikeRide station locations are changing on campus.  We have included a map below so that you can be aware of the change which will take place on Wednesday, January 16th.  The stations at Loomis Hall and Mathias Hall are moving to stations at Armstrong Hall and just west of the Worner Campus Center.

    Please note that effective February 1, 2019 you will be charged parking fees for parking at Loomis and/or Matthias.  Please use the new stations and feel free to contact us with any questions at 719-235-5862

    PikeRide Update

    Did you know that Colorado Springs has a city ordinance requiring parked bikes to be tethered or locked?

    It is true.  Even PikeRide bike share bikes must be locked to a safe object when not in use. That means you cannot free lock (lock your bike to itself) at any random location.  All bikes within city limits must be locked to a safe object, preferably a bike rack, when not in use or you could receive a ticket.  In support of the city ordinance, PikeRide will suspend user accounts when we locate bikes that have not been tethered/locked.  

    PikeRider Party 

    We have a lot to celebrate with the start of 2019, including our 6 month birthday.  Mark your calendars for Friday, January 25th from 6-9 pm! Be prepared for an evening of fun with PikeRide. There will be bike races on the inside track using PikeRide bikes, a track clinic on the outside (main) track, beer, wine, food, and the opportunity to demo the first ever BCycle e-assist bike to hit Colorado Springs.  Come on out and join us.

    Annual members = free entry
    All others = $10 advanced online/ $12 cash day of event
    Entry includes a free beer or wine, race entries, and all of the festivities.  Be sure to register in advance here.

    FREE Parking

    You heard correctly!  All members with a current annual membership get FREE parking within our service area for the entire month of January.  That means you can park your bike at any publicly accessible location in the service area without accruing the standard $1 parking fee.  Please remember that in accordance with city ordinance all bikes must be tethered to a safe object when parked.


    Student Annual Membership Registration 2018-201

    1. Log onto

    2. Click on “join now” in the upper right corner

    3. Click on “annual membership”

    4. Select “Have a promo code?”

    5. A dropdown box will appear and, in that box, enter your promo code which is “CCTGR1819” and your student email. This coupon code must be registered with a student email that uses the domain in order to work.

    After you have signed up online, be sure to download the BCycle app on your smart phone and log-in using the credentials you used when setting up your account (Student Email and Password).  You can then approach any available bike and use the app to check out a bike.  You will also get a membership card in the mail, once you have signed up, which will also allow you to check out bikes. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 719-235-5862.

    Check Out A Bike: App

    1. Walk up to an available bike

    2. Open the BCycle app on your smart phone and touch the bike icon on the bottom of the screen

    3. Touch the screen on the handlebars of the bike to wake it up

    4. Enter the number displayed on the touchscreen into the BCycle app

    5. Wait a few seconds and listen for the lock to be released

    6. Remove the lock and place it in the holder in the basket

    7. Ride on!!

    Check Out A Bike: Membership Card

    1. Walk up to an available bike

    2. Touch the screen on the handlebars of the bike to wake it up

    3. Hold your membership on the touch screen and wait a few seconds for the lock to be released

    4. Remove the lock and place it in the holder in the basket

    5. Ride on!!! 


    • End each ride within 60 minutes to avoid an additional $5 fee.

    • Park/lock your bike at any PikeRide station/hub for free.

    • Park/lock your bike to a safe location within the 12 sq mile operating area (outlined in purple on the app) for an additional $1.

    • Make sure that when you have completed your ride the lock is fully inserted. The screen on the bike should tell you “Bike Locked” before you walk away.