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At Colorado College, sustainability efforts extend to all aspects of campus life - including events and event planning. Whether you are attending Homecoming, sitting in on a club meeting, or participating in a lecture series, you will witness Colorado College's community working to reduce single-use disposable catering products, maximizing financial resources, and hands-on waste education.

The Green Event initiative encourages students, faculty, and staff to implement green practices at the hundreds of annual events happening on the Colorado College campus. In collaboration with Colorado College Student Government Association (CCSGA), the Office of Sustainability has created the Green Event Guide to get you started. By working with our campus partners to steadily increase sustainability at events, the green events produce financial and resource savings that directly impact and contribute to Colorado College's larger goals.

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Funded by CCSGA

The Green Event Funded By CCSGA, formally known as the Eco Event, is a partnership between the Office of Sustainability and the CC Student Government Association. It is a designation that recognizes student events that take into account many aspects of sustainability at their event.

CCSGA Funding

FOR STUDENTS: If you are receiving over $5,000 funds from CCSGA for an event

Any event that is receiving over $5,000 in funds from CCSGA MUST be certified as a Green Event. The easiest way to become certified is to look over the checklist and meet with an Office of Sustainability representative either in an individual one-on-one meeting or during a Student Event Summit. In this case, please notify the representative the date you will be attending the meeting. With your Green Event, you are supporting Colorado College and being a role model to your peers.


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