Green Athletics

Launched in spring 2021, the Green Athletics program aims to 'green' our campus sports, teams, and foster sustainability awareness within the Athletics department. The Green Athletics program includes Green Team Certification, a Sustainability Committee, Sustainability in 15 Presentations, and the Tiger Sustainability Instagram. 


Green Your Team

Green Team Certification or Green Teams aims to increase sustainability measures among Varsity Athletic teams in an effort to provide opportunities to engage and be recognized for fostering sustainable team practices at CC. This program is designed to educate and encourage CC student athletes to be sustainability leaders on campus and challenge teams to adopt sustainable practices. Talk with your team about what it takes to get certified.

How To Get Green Team Certified

Reduce the impact of your team by adopting conscious changes to your team environment. Get ready, get certified.

  1. Review the GTC Packet. Talk with your team about what it would take to get certified. 
  2. Designate your Sustainability Captain(s) to assist with filling out the Green Teams (GT) Checklist and holding your team accountable.
  3. Download the the GT Checklist and fill it out accordingly, updating it throughout the year as needed. 
  4. Once your team meets the Baseline Certification, submit the checklist to the Green Programs Intern or email
  5. At the end of the year, submit your completed GT Checklist to th the Green Programs Intern. 
  6. Once submitted, we will contact your Sustainability Captain(s) about your team's final standing in the competition. 

The criteria listed below will serve as a guideline for the collective changes a team can make every day to live with less impact on the planet. Points are based on environmental importance, difficulty of implementation, and cost. This checklist will give your team a brief overview and supports the certification process. Sustainability Captains of each team should continually fill out the Checklist provided and submit at the end of the year.

Baseline Certification: 30+ Pts 

  • Each team that gets Baseline Certified will receive a Certification plaque to be displayed in the locker room. Each student athlete will also receive a sticker.

Annual Winner: Each team can compete for the highest number of points. The team with the most points at the end of the year gets a reward. 

  • The team with the most points at the end of the year will receive an epic Certification Trophy to be passed around with each yearly winner. In addition to bragging rights, your team will receive an exciting reward.


Join the committee

One component of Green Athletics was the development of the GA Sustainability Committee. It is comprised of a group of interested athletes from a variety of teams. The committee meets blockly to discuss sustainability initiatives. Last spring, a total of 27 student athletes participated in the committee, becoming 'Sustainability Captains' of their team. The committee is essential to creating a meaningful, effective, and long-term program encouraging sustainability in athletics. 

Interested in join the GA Sustainability Committee? Email the Green Programs Intern or to get started. 

Sustainability in 15

Another component to this program was the creation of the "Sustainability in 15” presentations specifically geared towards student athletes and athletic department faculty/staff to educate about sustainability-related topics and the work that the Office of Sustainability does. The presentations include information about the Office of Sustainability, general information about what sustainability is and why it’s important, tips on implementing sustainability into daily life and into the athletics department, and information about the Green Athletics program (including Green Teams, Sustainability committee, etc).

Last year, the Green Programs team presented to the varsity coaches to encourage teams to participate in Green Teams and other sustainability-related initiatives and to help hold teams accountable for getting certified. Teams have the opportunity to attend these info sessions to gain points for Green Team Certification.

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