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Food Coalition

The Colorado College Food Coalition is working to coordinate the efforts of various student groups focused on food related issues. The goal of the Coalition is to combine our resources in order to maximize impact across campus and the community. We are committed to working with one another and with our community partners to address issues of food insecurity and injustice in Colorado Springs. 

Our Model:

 We utilize a Collective Impact model. The Collective Impact Forum defines this model as: the commitment of a group of actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a complex social problem. 

The Collective Impact Forum defines five "Conditions of Collective Impact Success:"

  1. Common Agenda 
  2. Shared Measurement
  3. Mutually Reinforcing Activities
  4. Continuous Communication
  5. Backbone Support 

To coordinate efforts among groups, the Food Coalition continues to explore how to reach our goal of a mutually beneficial Collective Impact system with the help of the Collaborative for Community Engagement, our "backbone support" at Colorado College. 

Our Student Partners: 

The Coalition is currently made up of these student clubs. Please explore more ways to get involved by clicking on the club logos!

Colorado Springs Food RescueThe Colorado Springs Food Rescue Mission strives to create a system that eliminates food waste and redistributes existing food waste to those who need it. To do this, the Food Rescue team reaches out to a variety food distributors including large grocery stores, restaurants, community farms and gardens. Once the team has the food, they rely on a crew of volunteers to fill up bicycle trailers and pedal across town to a variety of other organizations that have agreed to receive and distribute it to the hungry.

The Good Food Club: The Good Food Club is an organization that explores and celebrates healthful, local and sustainable food practices. We have blockly potlucks and cooking classes and we host educational events. We want to get students excited about food cultures, food sustainability and cooking. 

The Carnivore Club: 
Meat and good times have always been the defining characteristics of the Carnivore Club and the events they put on. The Carnivore Club supports many student groups with grilling services and event planning expertise. The Club's meat comes from Ranch Foods Direct, a distributer that works with local farmers to provide meat from happy animals raised in sustainable ways. 

Real Food Task Force: 

This is a representative body of students, faculty, professors, cooks, and dining hall managers that collectively assess our food purchasing and make shifts towards more local, organic, fair-trade and humane products. As a community we are voting with our dollars for a more resilient and sustainable food system. 

Changes we have made:

We have switched from purchasing Tyson Co. for our poultry products to the smaller scale Red Bird and Wisdom Chicken companies based on the Front Range in Denver Colorado. 

We introduced a Colorado brand soda, called Tommy Knockers with hopes to replace some of the corporate fountain drinks that we currently hold from Coca Cola and Pepsi. 

A preliminary student study using the Real Food Calculator revealed:

9% of our food is Organic or Rainforest Alliance Certified (Ecological) 

27% of food is LOCAL

70% of our coffee and tea is FAIR TRADE

27% of our other beverages are FAIR TRADE