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Campus Sustainability Council

The mission of the Campus Sustainability Council (CSC) is to make Colorado College a model for campus and community sustainability.

The CSC, an advisory committee appointed by and reporting to the President’s Office, works to design, promote, and implement initiatives that are ecologically viable, economically sound, and socially just, now and for future generations.

The CSC plays a key role in raising campus awareness and keeping sustainability issues at the forefront, reminding us all to live up to Colorado College’s core value of nurturing a sense of place and an ethic of environmental sustainability. 

Each year, members of the Campus Sustainability Council work together on a wide range of projects.

In addition to specific focus on timely topics, the regular agenda includes advancing strategies for carbon neutrality, reporting and benchmarking progress using STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System), expanding community outreach and collaboration for sustainability, and administering a $50k annual Sustainability Project Fund. 

In collaboration with the Office of Sustainability, the CSC:

  • Initiates and directs carbon neutrality efforts through energy efficiency, community conservation and renewable energy projects

  • Cultivates allies around campus and across our region

  • Consults with campus constituencies to provide strategies and plans to meet identified goals

  • Funds innovative and measurable projects to promote and pursue a climate of sustainability at CC

  • Proposes, measures and reports on sustainability metrics and goals

  • Serves as a forum open to the entire community

  • Advocates for further institutional commitment to develop and instill a literacy around sustainability issues