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In order to create a more sustainable world, everyone must have an understanding of and be engaged somehow in sustainability efforts in their communities. This section of the website details the Office of Sustainability's interactions with communities both on and off our campus. 


Who Can Apply: Colorado College Students
Administered by: The Office of Sustainability
Funded by: Bon Appetit


The CC EcoFund was established by the Campus Sustainability Council (CSC) and is maintained through the Office of Sustainability. Its purpose is to foster the design and implementation of campus sustainability initiatives and to put into action one of the CC’s core values,“nurturing a sense of place and an ethic of environmental sustainability.”

Maximum funding per project: $1000.

Please click here to SUBMIT THE ECO FUND APPLICATION via Summit under the Academic Dean's Office.

Sense of Place

In 2014, students Alex Suber and Julian Kraus-Polk introduced the Sense of Place program to the New Student Orientation. The program was built to familiarize new students to the unique ecology and community of Colorado Springs while fostering the spirit of sustainability that Colorado College aims to embody. The presentation introduced students to plant, bird and animal species within the area as well as the energy and waste disposal systems that support Colorado Springs and Colorado College.

Read the Field Guide to Colorado Springs from the Sense of Place program.