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Student Groups


EnAct, the oldest student group on campus, began after Earth Day 1970. EnAct serves as a forum to raise environmental and social awareness through research, education, and action at CC and within the Colorado Springs community.

Contacts: Laurel Sebastian & Alayna Altman

CC Farm Club

The CC Farm is a plot of land that is about 1.5 acres located behind our President's house (1228 Wood Ave). Since 2008, students have taken the initiative to grow and harvest produce on the land, which is then supplied to our school's food service provider, Bon Appetit. The CC Farm Club aims to promote a greater understanding and practice of local agriculture and food cycling amongst the community. The CC Farm serves as both a classroom and gathering place for people of all ages, as well as a flagship of sustainability at CC.

Contacts: Melanie Yemma, Sarah Hamilton, Zachariah Chapman

EcoFit Energy Audit & Retrofit Team

The aim of the EcoFit project and associated fund is to create a lending institution that will provide loans to finance home retrofits in the Colorado Springs community. The project strengthens Colorado College’s ties with the local community by helping families lower their home-energy expenses and reducing the community's carbon footprint. The project also provides valuable educational experiences to students and families involved, especially in the fields of accounting, environmental science, physics, sociology, and southwest studies. The EcoFit group also perform audits on campus, which is essential in helping the College reach our 2020 carbon neutrality goal.

Contacts: Axel Bjerke, Emma Marshall, Jack Rodat

Good Food

Good Food (formerly Veg Heads) is CC's club "for those who wish to eat thoughtfully." The club promotes discourse and action focused on sustainable food practices and food ethics. The mission states, "As socioeconomically privileged, 21st century Americans, we have the opportunity to make responsible, knowledgeable, ethical, and sustainable decisions when it comes to the food we choose to consume". In other words, Good Food concerns itself with holistic discussion about food: what it is, where it comes from, and how it affects us, the global community, and the environment. The group holds at least one potluck at each block, and at least one meeting (typically on Mondays in the afternoon.)

Contact: Abby Portman and Caitlin Canty

CC Farmers' Market

Event occurring every Sunday outside of the Worner Campus Center

Contact: Jonah Goldmanstein


Student body campaign advocating for the school’s endowment to be divested
from fossil fuels.

Contact: Ellen Rigell

Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds is student run sustainable coffee shop located in the basement of Shove Chapel, open every evening from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Sacred Grounds provides coffee, tea, and the occasional baked goods and serves as an open, substance-free space for events or for studying. There is an open mic event the first and third Wednesday of every block and Poetry on the Roof when weather permits.

Contact: Alexandra Freeman

EESP: Energy, Environment, and Security Project

Student-led think tank at Colorado College, founded in 2011. Our mission is to promote discussion and research on the rising energy and environmental security challenges of the 21st century. We aim, currently through publishing undergraduate working papers through the CC Political Science Department, to foster innovative, interdisciplinary and practical thinking and research that will advance stability and prosperity in the international system.

Contact: Chris Edmonds

Fair Trade Committee

Supports fair trade food. The main objective is to make CC a certified fair trade
campus, which means having fair trade items at all food providers on campus.
Additionally, they aim to raise awareness of fair trade.

Contact: Andrew Zieff or Vanessa Voller

CC Bike Co-op

Started by students in 2008, the bicycle cooperative’s goals are to empower people to maintain and repair their own bikes and to negate the necessity of cars within a five-mile radius of campus. The co-op offers free classes in bike repair and maintenance. Student volunteers also keep a self-service bike shop stocked with tools, workbenches, and used parts. They also gather abandoned bicycles, “resurrect them” to keep them from becoming trash, and sell the refurbished bikes.

Sustainable Living

Synergy House is a living space, located on the north side of Yampa field, for students who are passionate about sustainability and wish to challenge themselves to live intentionally in order to reduce their impact on the planet. “Together, we strive to be a center for environmental awareness, education, and innovation on campus. The steps we take to conserve energy and limit our environmental impact include our gray water systems, utilizing passive solar heating methods, eating local, and growing our own food in our backyard. In addition, we are always looking for new and different ways to carry out our daily activities in order to reduce our footprint and live together more cohesively.” The house currently holds six students, and an expansion is planned for 2013.  

The Local Living Learning Community is a residential program that encourages students to explore the sustainability of local systems, on a scale ranging from the buildings to the greater Pikes Peak region we inhabit. Students investigate their individual and collective roles as active agents in local food, water, energy and economic systems. The group will work to design and implement holistic, creative and practical solutions to foster vibrant, sustainable communities.  Those selected for the LLC live in a unique community on a renovated wing of Mathias Hall, which includes a shared kitchen and lounge.