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cc composts

Composting at Colorado College officially began in 2003, with 2 tumblers in the Synergy House backyard, where individuals could drop off food scraps. The Business Office had granted residents funding to install two compost tumblers. The Synergy House continues to collect food waste (around 100 gallons a week) from East Campus houses and off campus students. This compost is used in Synergy and CC Farm.

In September, 2004, a student initiative led to CC's first Composting Earth Tub, located behind Worner Center, which processes kitchen and food scraps from the Rastall dining hall. The Grounds Crew in Facilities Services uses this compost, primarily in flower beds around campus.

In 2006, students received a Campus Ecology grant for a large scale EarthTub composter to process dining hall food waste from Rastall. Since 2008, additional community food waste has been composted and used to enrich the soil onsite at the CC Farm.

In 2011, Colorado College added commercial composting to our solid waste services. This program will accommodate all pre- and post-consumer food waste from dining & catering. The EarthTub will be installed at the Grounds Shop to process plant matter from landscaping.