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EV 100: From Grassland to Glaciers


.75 CC units (3 semester hours)Mike Taber

DSC_0115Course Description: The very name, Colorado, invokes contrast and ecological, geological, and climatological diversity.  The defining landscape patterns that emerge are interwoven and complex. This class is an invitation to experience and explore the rich natural history of the Pike’s Peak Region, from the eastern planes to the alpine meadows. On a large scale, the landscape is dominated by mountains and vast horizons. But, to get to know the distinctiveness of Colorado, we must get to know the micro scale. We will focus on the defining climate zones in the Pike’s Peak Region: from grasslands to woodlands to montane to subalpine to alpine.  We will journey together both in the field and in the classroom,  from eastern El Paso County to the top of Pikes Peak. Along the way, we will learn the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping using ArcGIS, as we map the geology, ecology, and microclimates in which we live.

Class Time: Expect morning class, some afternoon labs and field trips.

Course Limit: 11

Program Fee:  $75