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Visa Information

International students needing a visa to enter the US will be provided with the DS-2019 form by Colorado College if you meet the following requirements: 

Estimated Annual Costs in US Dollars (USD) for International Students:

Cost for tuition, fees and room & board are subject to change, and may increase annually with inflation. Note: Students are required to have health insurance while studying in the US. Student health insurance is available through Colorado College.

Financial Statements

Evidence of financial support should be submitted in the form of a letter of support from your family and/or financial sponsor and a statement from their bank.

The letter of support (sponsorship letter) must attest the following:

  • The relationship of the sponsor to the student
  • Level of support (exact USD tbd) available for their educational expenses
  • Clearly state the funds intended use: e.g. room and board, books, health insurance, personal expenses/travel etc.
  • All documents must be in English
  • If you have more than one financial sponsor, a bank statement and letter of support is required from each sponsor

Bank statement requirements:

  • Printed on bank letterhead
  • Indicate the name of the account holder and account number 
  • Indicate an exact available monetary amount expressed in US Dollars (tbd)
  • Dated within the last 6 months from I-20 issuance
  • Signed by a bank official 
  • Written in English