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For Faculty

Summer is a great time to teach at Colorado College!

Shane Burns, PC 120 Summer Session 2015

Summer Session invites faculty to submit undergraduate and/or graduate on-campus courses to be reviewed for approval by the Summer Session Committee in early October.

There will be two formal undergraduate blocks scheduled, A and B, with a C block available for additional independent study, as well as a Pre-College Block. Summer Session would like to offer around twenty single block courses in each block. We find that high-demand courses from your department and courses that take advantage of the summer months enroll well. Our goal is to represent a diverse number of Colorado College departments from all divisions.

We are also interested in offering thematic two block summer courses that provide prolonged study and additional opportunities for substantial field trips, externships, and student research. We are open to the creative ideas and models of our faculty. Thematic linked blocks are in addition to the 20 single blocks offered each summer.

Undergraduate on-campus summer courses enroll our own CC undergraduates, undergraduates from other colleges and universities, and qualified high school students (pre-college students.)

2019 On-campus undergraduate blocks schedule

Block A: Wednesday, May 29 - Friday, June 21

Block B: Monday, June 24 - Tuesday, July 18

2019 On-campus Pre-College block schedule

Pre-College Block: Monday, July 15 - Wednesday, July 31

For faculty interested in proposing graduate courses, contact Kara Taber at

Questions? Contact Jim Burke, Director of Summer Session at, or call extension 6656. 

Summer independent study

Information you need to know about Summer Session Independent study

Jim Burke

Director Of Summer Session

(719) 389-6656 

Katherine Ruckstuhl

Coordinator of Summer Programs

(719) 389-6098

Rosy Mondragon

Administrative Assistant

(719) 389-6655