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MU 228/FM 225: Topics: Film Scoring in Theory & Practice

Block A1 CC Units (4 semester hours)Ben-Amots, Ofer and Jirasek, Jan

Course Description: This course will examine the vital role music fills in feature films and documentaries. By analyzing specific visual examples and their respective
soundtracks and scores we will try to understand the dramatic, aesthetic,
and functional role music plays in the screen and stage industry.
Furthermore, we will compare and contrast the art of film scoring with other
musical dramatic genres such as musicals and operas. Students will use
basic music notation software as well as GarageBand at the Packard Music
Computer Lab and will explore a range of basic to more advanced scoring
techniques. Finally, the class will complement the theoretical exploration
with a portfolio of creative exercises while learning to develop a dramatic
concept and to score several visual sequences with their own original

Class Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon 

Course Limit: 15

Prerequisite: None

Meets the Critical Perspectives: None