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CH 400: Advanced Topics: Human Diseases: Molecular and Cultural Perspectives

Block A1 CC Units (4 semester hours)Grover, Neena

Course Description: Human diseases are caused by defects or deficiency of specific molecules, or by infectious agents. Environmental contaminants can cause dysregulation of physiological functions. We will examine the molecular basis of disease via project-based study of specific diseases including diabetes and cancer. Diseases cause great human suffering and hence, cultural perception of diseases and our access to nutrition, medicine, information, and support will be discussed as a part of the course. We will examine newspaper articles, books, and documentaries on health along with impact of some current trends in western medicine including genetic testing, antibody-based cancer therapies etc. Costs and coverage of western medicine will be discussed.

Class Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon 

Course Limit: 25

Prerequisite: CH 382: Biochemistry

Meets the Critical Perspectives: Q, I