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Dropping a Course

Dropping a Summer Session Course

For off-campus Summer Session course add/drop/transfer and cancellation information, see the International Programs web-pages.

  • On-campus Course Drop Forms are available in the Summer Session Office in Armstrong Hall, 219.
  • You must submit a signed Course Drop Form to the Registrar's Office in order for the drop to be valid.
  • Notifying your professor does not release you from financial obligations; while courteous, it does not replace the Drop Form.
  • Any charges will be based on the date the drop form is received by the Registrar.

Tuition Penalties for Dropping On-campus Courses

Dropping an on-campus Summer Session course results in financial consequences.  The table below explains the penalties. 

Dropping an on-campus Summer Session Course without replacing it with another Course.

Time-frameTuition Penalties
Up to 3 weeks prior to course start date Not charged, refunded if paid
3 weeks prior up to the 3rd day of block 30% tuition charged
After the 3rd day of Block 100% tuition charged

Transferring from one Summer Session Course to another (Drop, Add Different Course)

  • Within the period of three weeks before a course starts and the third day of its start date, students may exchange registration for other courses that carry the same total unit values with no tuition penalty other than forfeiting any course tuition deposit previously submitted for the dropped course.
  • If a change in courses during this period results in enrollment for fewer units*, students will be charged 30% of the tuition costs for the number of units dropped and not replaced.  
Course Drop with AddTuition Penalties
Same number units of credit Transferred to new course

Fewer number units of credit*

30% tuition charged on difference in units dropped and not replaced

Course Cancellations by Summer Session Office

Summer Session makes every effort to avoid canceling any summer course.  

  • On-campus courses that do not meet the minimum enrollment requirement three weeks prior to the start of the course will be cancelled. 
  • If a course is cancelled, Summer Session will notify enrolled students by email.
  • If you are enrolled in a cancelled course, you may transfer any paid tuition to another course or receive a refund of any tuition paid.