Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Tuition:
Summer Session is an additional and optional term. The tuition rate for Summer 2023 is $6,000 per unit.

Undergraduate Housing:
CC students enrolled in summer courses or other CC-sponsored activities will reside in Matthias Hall during Blocks A, and B.
  • $892 Per Block in a double-occupied room
  • $988 Per Block in a single-occupied room

Block C courses will be entirely remote, and limited student housing will be available.

Undergraduate Meal Plans:
Full time students or Part time students who are living on campus must be on a meal plan. Summer meal plan options are:

  • Full meal plan = $655 per block
  • Half meal plan = $400 per block
  • Tiger Bucks plan = $145 per block 
Housing and meal plans rates are subject to change.
Students who are interested in applying for financial aid can find more information about the process on the Summer Session Financial Aid page. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Wild Card

Every Colorado College undergraduate is eligible for one Wild Card. The Wild Card is equal to one unit of Summer Session tuition and is automatically applied to your student account when you register for your first summer course. The Wild Card is available if the student has met the following requirements:

  • Available upon completion of one semester at CC.
  • Must be pre-registered for the following year at CC.
    • Students expecting to graduate in May or August are not eligible to use their Wild Card
  • Must be used before all requirements for graduation have been met.
  • Automatically applied to first Summer Session course, and is non-transferable
  • All course drop penalties apply when using the Wild Card.
  • Does not apply to program fees.
  • May not be used for independent study courses.

Dropping a Course

For off-campus Summer Session course add/drop/transfer and cancellation information,see the Center for Global Education and Field Study webpages.

  • Notifying your professor does not release you from financial obligations; while courteous, it does not withdraw you from your course.
  • Students can drop their course through Banner up until 3 weeks before the Block begins
    • After this period, the Drop function will no longer be available in Banner and students must go to the Registrar's Office to withdraw from their course
  • Any charges will be based on the date the Registrar's Office dropped the course registration.
    • See below for drop dates and related fees.

Course Cancellations by Summer Session Office

  • On-campus courses that do not meet the minimum enrollment requirement three weeks prior to the start of the course will be cancelled.
  • If a course is cancelled, Summer Session will notify enrolled students by email.
  • If you are enrolled in a cancelled course, you may transfer any paid tuition to another course or receive a refund of any tuition paid.

Tuition Penalties for Dropping On-Campus Courses

Charges apply to dropping an on-campus Summer Session course
without replacing it with another on-campus course.


Tuition Penalties

Up to 3 weeks prior to course start date

Block A: Before May 9th

Block B: Before June 5th

Block C (REMOTE ONLY): Before July 3rd

Not charged, refunded if paid

3 weeks prior up to the 3rd day of block

Block A: Within the period of May 10th - June 3rd

Block B: Within the period of June 6th - June 28th

Block C (REMOTE ONLY): Within the period of July 4th - July 26th

30% tuition charged

After the 3rd day of Block

Block A: After June 3rd

Block B: After June 28th

Block C (REMOTE ONLY): After July 26th

100% tuition charged


Transferring from one Summer Session Course to another (Drop, Add Different Course)

Course Drop with Add Tuition Penalties
Same number units of credit Not charged if transferred to new course

Fewer number units of credit

30% tuition charged on difference in units dropped and not replaced

Auditing Summer Courses

The designation of "Audit" is a registration status used when students officially register for a class without earning a letter grade or credit. Audit courses are subject to full tuition and fees.

Students may register for a summer class on an audit basis only when space is available and only with the permission of the instructor and Director of Summer Session. Students who receive permission to audit a course are expected to attend classes regularly and complete assigned readings. Other requirements regarding participation are to be agreed upon by the instructor and Director of Summer Session.

No audited courses can be counted toward a degree. They cannot be paid for with financial aid or the Wild Card.

All students attending and participating in a course must be officially registered. No provisions for students to merely "sit-in" on summer courses are made and attendance without payment of fees is prohibited.

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