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MA 129: Calculus II

Block B1 CC unit (4 semester hours)Nguyen, Nguyen 

MA 126Course Description: A second course in calculus, beginning where Calculus 1 leaves off, with techniques and applications of integrals. The second half of the course covers differential calculus for functions of more than one variable (vector geometry, partial derivatives, directional derivatives, and applications). This course does not cover sequences and series, which are introduced in MA 204. Thus, while this is the same MA 129 as is taught at CC during the academic year, it does not cover all of the same material as Calculus 2 courses at most other American institutions. Students who plan to transfer credit for this course to another institution should keep this in mind.

Class Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon. 

Course Limit: 25

Prerequisite: MA 125 or 126, or equivalent

Meets the Critical Perspectives: Q