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As Above so Below: Living Contemplatively in the World

Saturday, June 22, 9 a.m- noon

 All spiritual traditions teach that there is an order in the midst of chaos, a wisdom of sorts that permeates and unites the heavens and the earth, eternity and time, the material and the spiritual. When we live our lives in harmony with this unitive truth, paying bills, shopping for groceries, and helping our children with their homework can become a source of spiritual renewal. This is what it means to live contemplatively, for contemplation is not merely a form of meditative prayer but a way of being and acting that is the fruit of yielding to the order, the wisdom, the sacred presence that, in the words of Thomas Merton, “sleeps in our paper flesh like dynamite.

Tom StellaTom Stella is the co-founder of Soul Link, Inc., a local nonprofit whose mission is to create opportunities for spiritual seekers to meet and nourish one another’s spirituality.

Stella is a visiting associate professor in the religion department at Colorado College, a hospice chaplain, spiritual director, retreat facilitator, and the author of three books: ”The God Instinct,” “A Faith Worth Believing” and "Finding God Beyond Religion." He holds graduate degrees in theology (University of Notre Dame), counseling (University of Michigan), and spirituality (Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley).