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What We Do

Questions about life circumstances and the impact on your academics? Curious about transitioning into our local community? Considering taking a leave of absence? During our scholastic journey we may encounter issues outside of the classroom and need to make some tough decisions. The Student Life Office is a place to seek support in times of crisis or distress, to obtain a leave of absence or withdraw, during conduct proceedings, or for any support related to the student experience.

"At first I was scared of asking for help, but help is all around me on this campus." -Xong Chang '18

Student Initiative Resources

The Office of Student Life has emergency funding for high-need students and students in crisis facing unexpected financial needs. These funds are administered by John Lauer, Associate Vice President for Student Life, located in Bemis Hall 120, (719) 389-6200, and are made possible through the generous donations from alumni, parents, and friends of Colorado College. Students in need are asked to meet in person with John whenever possible; however alternative communication is considered on a case by case basis.

Taking a Leave of Absence, or Withdrawing from the College

In order to explore to understand and formally set up a leave of absence or withdrawal process, please call (719) 389-7801 to arrange a meeting with the Assistant to the Vice President, Zak Kroger. During this meeting, topics covered include course schedules, financial aid/scholarships, medical documentation requirements, and meal plans. For more information regarding tuition druing a leave absence for one or more blocks, please go here.

Sexual Assault Response and Prevention

The sexual assault response and prevention office (SARP) provides confidential support, information, and referrals to survivors and others whose lives have been affected by sexual violence, sexual misconduct and intimate partner violence. Our vision is to help create an environment where sexual and interpersonal violence are not tolerated, and we strive to reduce the incidents and consequences of sexual misconduct on the Colorado College campus through education, outreach, healthy dialogue about sexuality and relationships, and supportive services. 

Support is available 24/7 for anyone who may need help or information on how to report a sexual assault. The SARP office is located on the second floor of Worner Center in room 219, and can be reached by email or telephone.
Office: (719) 227-8101  
On-call advocate: (719) 602-0960

Student Complaints

The Student Life Division maintains a log of student complaints, and how they have been responded to. If you have a complaint that you would like to log, please contact Zak Kroger to set up an appointment.

Once the complaint is logged, it is looked over by the appropriate staff member(s), and then responded to. The nature of the response will be determined by the complaint--but generally the student can expect to meet with the appropriate staff member(s) personally, or may receive communication via email or telephone. This communication will outline how the college will be responding to the complaint.

It is important to note that not all resolutions may be what the student was hoping for.

The Student Life Division Includes:

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