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Professional Development and Career Transition

Career Choices in the Health Professions

Come learn from various health professionals as they discuss the paths that took them into their careers in health care. They will include education requirements, the application process and the nature of their position including achievements and challenges within the profession. Each night a different health profession will be introduced which includes: MD, DO, Vet, PA, PT, Nurse Practitioner, Podiatry, Naturopathic Medicine, Pharmacy and Optometry. Register on Summit

Entrepreneurial Interest: What it Takes to Launch Your Innovative Venture

An intensive crash course in startups that will cover the essentials needed to plan, launch, and execute a successful startup. The emphasis will be on applying the skills and knowledge gained during the course to a real-world startup. The course will be complimented by examples and stories provided by a variety of startups underway.

The Startup Bootcamp will cover three types of startups: social; small business; and venture. The course will be led by a serial startup entrepreneur.

Topics will include: innovation and invention; idea formation and development; pitch development and delivery; market selection, research and focus; product planning, prototyping and rapid refinement; business modeling; early sales efforts and sales scale; considerations; intellectual property protection; financial and startup style management; team formation; and pursuing and securing various types of financing. Students will visit Boulder startups. Register on Summit

Foundations in Leadership

Are you a student leader? Do you want to be a student leader? Come learn about yourself in the context of leading while exploring ways you can influence others through leadership. This course will focus on development theory, self-understanding, authentic leadership, and professional development as it relates to topics in leadership! Register on Summit

Fullbridge: Finance Intensive, Sports, Arts and Creative, and Public Policy and Service Industries

The Fullbridge Finance Intensive

Designed for those who may have an interest in financial services industry careers, particularly entry-level jobs in wealth management, financial advising, and stock brokerage that require passing the Series 7. This intensive equips participants with a deep understanding of financial statements, financial analysis, and financial evaluation as well as information on how to prepare for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority's (FINRA) General Securities Representatives (Series 7) Qualification Examination. Register on Summit

Fullbridge Careers

Exposes students to the broad variety of careers in sports, creative and arts, or the public policy and service industries and key job entry points. You will develop workplace professional presentation skills and effective self-awareness about your own career aspirations in order to articulate your liberal arts experiences in ways that are marketable in the sports, creative, or public policy and service industries. Register for Sports, Creative and Arts, or Public Policy and Service

Fullbridge courses have a $100 deposit, with $90 refundable upon the completion of the course.

Mental Health First Aid

The Mental Health First Aid program is an 8 hour interactive session which introduces participants to risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, builds understanding of their impact and overviews common treatments. Participants will learn potential risk factors and warning signs for a range of mental health problems, and a 5-step action plan encompassing the skills, resources and knowledge to assess the situation and intervene appropriately. Register on Summit

The Modern World of Work: Your Journey Starts Now

If you are a First Year, Sophomore, or even Junior ready to identify your interests and skills, explore opportunities, and learn how to leverage these discoveries, this is the offering for you. We will explore strategies to help prepare you for the competitive job market and how to take advantage of opportunities during your time at Colorado College. Register on Summit

The Modern World of Work: Your Transition

Are you a Senior or Junior thinking about what lies next for you after graduation? We will focus on identifying opportunities, leveraging and building your network, and telling your story effectively to employers. This session will offer valuable information about what to expect in your transition and how to prepare yourself for a successful start to your journey. Register on Summit

Musicians' Boot Camp

Calling all musicians on campus: old regulars, high school piano players, rock star aspirants, and everyone in between. This dynamic half-block grew out of student feedback on campus about things folks wish they knew or had a chance to experiment with as it relates to being a practicing musician. We will offer afternoon and evening workshops on subjects like sound production, screenprinting to promote your shows, technical effects, songwriting, recording, open jam sessions (with chances to try out new instruments and find new people to jam with), as well as panels and sessions with professional Colorado musicians.Register on Summit

Princeton Review Prep Courses


A top GMAT score is an investment in your future! Enroll in 24hrs of live instruction designed for you to master the content and hone the necessary test-taking strategies needed to conquer the GMAT. Benefit from in-class interaction and review of drills and homework, access to full-length, adaptive-by-question diagnostic exams, and an experienced instructor that will keep you engaged, motivated, and scoring higher! Register on Summit


GRE prep to the highest degree! With 24hrs of live instruction, students will benefit from content and test-taking strategies taught through traditional classroom interaction, access to full-length, adaptive-by-section diagnostic exams, and an instructional experience that simulates the adaptive format of the GRE exam by using our exclusive Adaptology teaching method. Register on Summit


You vs. the LSAT. Leave no room for appeal. This in-person LSAT course is open to those looking to become LSAT-ready. With 18hrs of instruction, we'll share the keys to problem-solving and time-management techniques that will have you analyzing reading comprehension passages and breaking down complex logic games with a smile. Benefit from access to full-length diagnostic exams, and TPR's exclusive Think Like a Lawyer teaching methodology designed will train your mind with the reasoning power of a lawyer. Register on Summit


Don't face the MCAT alone. Take advantage of on-campus, targeted instruction designed to boost your score. A minimum of three subject matter specialists will deliver the content and resources you'll need to master what you learn in class and practice on your own. Trust us; prepping students for the MCAT is in our DNA. Register on Summit

The Princeton Review courses have a $100 deposit, with $90 refundable upon the completion of the course.


Planning a career in a highly remote area with little to no human contact? Then this workshop is not for you! Planning to begin any other career? Then join us as we explore the science and the art of interpersonal, organization, and public speaking communication.

Strong communication skills are ranked amongst the top ten qualities employers look for in candidates. You will learn successful ways to communicate in professional settings, effective communication in many of CC's seminar style courses, how to communicate in groups and teams, and the art of persuasion. You'll leave this workshop with a new sense of confidence and composure that will impress employers and enhance your future career. Register on Summit

The Vocab: Critical Approaches to Spoken Word Writing and Performance

Presented by Professor Idris Goodwin

Ideal for vets and beginners alike, this course invites you to create original spoken word performance pieces drawn from the cracks and corners of your life. From rhyme to rage, we will identify critical techniques utilized by key artists from the genre's rich history. A series of creative and collaborative exercise, enhanced by group critiques, lead to one-two culminating public performances. Register on Summit

Working Towards the Greater Good: The Philanthropic Sector

Are you interested in the practice of philanthropy? Of working for a nonprofit or a foundation? Join us as we introduce you to this unique sector: the current landscape, and the future of the industry. Meet with local innovators in the field representing the Third Sector Group, the Pike's Peak Community Foundation and El Pomar Foundation, and learn about their exceptional partnerships. Travel to Denver to visit the Impact Finance Center and Syntrinsic Investment Counsel and learn first-hand from their experts about managing endowments and emerging impact investing strategies. You will leave this half block offering with a clearer understanding of non-profits, foundations, and philanthropy and the myriad of ways in which you can participate in the field. Register on Summit

The Writing Life: How to Create a Career Out of Making Things Up

Presented by Author/Professor Steven Hayward and Author Andrew Pyper

Whether it be fiction, screenplays or storytelling in any media, there's nothing more crucial to a writing career than your "Idea for a Story" itself. Internationally bestselling author, Andrew Pyper, will answer all of your nuts-and-bolts questions about the business of writing, but will also workshop your creative concept from the ground up so that you can avoid common pitfalls and create something that will cast a spell over the marketplace. Register on Summit

Fullbridge and Princeton Review sessions have a $100 deposit with $90 refundable upon completion of the course or withdrawal by December 5.

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