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Bon Appetit Contract Committee

Robert Moore, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration/Treasurer and Mike Edmonds, Dean of Students/Vice President for Student Life have worked with faculty, staff, and students to appoint an ad hoc committee tasked with reviewing the College’s contract with Bon Appetit, our current food service provider.  The committee will review multiple topics and practices including student meal plans, available food options, local sourcing, and staff/faculty food options.  Recommendations will be submitted to VP Moore and Dean/VP Edmonds by the end of block 5, 2018.  Students have the opportunity to participate in focus groups on the subject, and the committee also welcomes greater input from our community.

Committee Members are:

Mario Montaño, Associate Professor of Anthropology – Co-Chair
Rochelle Mason, Senior Associate Dean of Students – Co-Chair
Greg Capell, Senior Associate Athletic Director
Lori Cowan, Associate Controller
Jeremiah Houck, Assistant Director, Bemis Art School/Fine Arts Center
Dan Johnson, Professor of Economics & Business – Faculty Executive Committee Representative
Cash Forster, ’19 – President’s Council Representative
Sophia Skelly, ’19 – CCSGA Representative
Zac Schulman, ’19 – CCSGA Representative
Dereka Thomas, ’20 – The Butler Center Groups Representative