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    Faculty and Staff Breaking Bread Guidelines

    We highly encourage Faculty and Staff to get involved in the Breaking Bread program in order to create a greater sense of community for our students.

    Below are the guidelines for the Breaking Bread Program:

      1. The college provides funds to support any staff or faculty member who invites students together for a meal. Please note that this fund is not intended to support restaurant meals or field trips, but rather to encourage informal meals outside of the classroom. In keeping with the college's policies for COVID prevention, these meals must be held on-campus, and not in your home off-campus. Gatherings of more than 10 people is prohibited and social distancing is required. Informal course work is allowed, but not required. Requests for reimbursement of meals eaten at restaurants or provided by outside vendors will not be granted. Food must be pre-packaged for individual consumption, and be arranged and procured from Bon Appetit.

      2. Meals will be reimbursed up to $10 per person (including yourself and immediate family). 

      3. Your may now use your P-Card for Breaking Bread purchases, due to the required use of Bon Appetit.

      4. Alcohol is not allowed to be served at Breaking Bread.

      5. If hosting a Breaking Bread near the end of the year (Blocks 7 or 8), call the Student Life Office before making purchases to ensure reimbursement.

    Breaking Bread Reimbursement Form

    Note: You may attach receipts to the form below, or mail them directly to Amanda Kolman.