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Student Insurance FAQs

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Student Health Insurance Plan:

Why is non-emergency coverage in Colorado important?

Students often need to access healthcare while in Colorado, and we want to ensure that all of our students have equal access to appropriate healthcare without incurring large medical bills.  Simple health issues can snowball and make it difficult for students to finish a given block, so we encourage students to be proactive in seeking medical evaluation if they are feeling unwell.  With our active student population, we also see a lot of students who require ongoing treatments like physical therapy for injuries, or ongoing mental health treatments.  While students are able to engage in such therapies while on the block plan, these treatments can be expensive without insurance coverage.  Additionally, we encourage any sexually active student to receive appropriate reproductive healthcare, such as well-person check-ups, contraception evaluations, and testing for sexually transmitted infections.  Many young adults are not comfortable talking with their parents about these issues.  Average costs for an office visit for illness or injury without insurance are between $130 and $180. Average costs for physical therapy without insurance are approximately $100/session.  Average costs for psychotherapy off campus without insurance are between $80 and $120/session.  Costs for testing for sexually transmitted infections without insurance can be as high at $800. Costs for contraception can also be high.  Many students opt for hormone injections like Depo-Provera, which must be administered every 3 months in a doctor's office, can cost as much as $460/year without insurance.

Can I use the Anthem Student Health Insurance Plan at home or outside of Colorado?

Yes, your Anthem Student Health Insurance Plan is a nationwide policy and can  be used at any provider in the U.S. provided that they accept the Anthem policy.  If the provider is not part of the anthem network, there may be out of network charges.  You can search for a provider in your area at, or by calling AmeriBen at (855) 258-6450, or log onto  Students covered by the policy are also eligible for Global Core Medical and Travel Assistance while traveling abroad (International Students are eligible except when they are in their home country; Domestic students are eligible when 100 miles or more away from campus or their permanent home address, or while participating in Study Abroad programs). Call Global Core Toll Free....................800-810-BLUE(2583) for more information.

When will I receive my insurance card?

Once you enroll, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your healthcare account information, including your insurance card.   

What if I can't afford the plan offered by CC?

If you are not currently covered by health insurance, cannot afford the Anthem Student Health Insurance Plan, and are on financial aid, please check with the Financial Aid Office at to see if you qualify for a health insurance grant to cover the cost of the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Does the SHIP cover Varsity Athletes?

No.  Injuries sustained while participating in Varsity Athletics are not covered by the SHIP.  There are additional requirements for varsity intercollegiate athletes, and that information can be found on the Athletic Department website at:  Please note that the athletic department insurance is a separate entity.  If you are a varsity student-athlete, you must respond both to the College's request regarding your proof of insurance annually for the SHIP AND to the Athletic Department's request for proof of adequate insurance coverage, which will be verified before you will be allowed to participate in any varsity related/team activity.  If you have any questions regarding this insurance information, or need information regarding additional/alternate coverage, please contact Celina Swedlund (Athletic Insurance Coordinator) at 719-389-6321 or via email at  

For additional questions about the Student Health Insurance Plan, please call Kimberly Taylor, Student Health Insurance, at 719-389-6386 or email

For questions about how to navigate health care systems, including health insurance, see the information under "Being a Healthcare Consumer" on the Wellness Resource Center's Handouts & Health Resources page.