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Meal Plan Questions

Am I required to be on a meal plan?

All students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan each semester. The only exception is students living OFF CAMPUS.

How does the meal plan work?

First, view your semester meal plan charge online (in late July for fall and late November for spring). All students are charged for meal plan C in the fall semester. If you wish to upgrade your meal plan, please do so by going to Click on the meal plan link you wish. An email will pop up, enter student name and ID# and hit send. The student accounts will adjust your student account for the amount change AND change your meal plan usage in PCS (which is the system that tracks the actual dollars being used on the meal plan).

Second, your gold card is loaded with the meal plan dollars (Tigerbucks) allowed for that plan. Please Note: An admin fee of $412 per semester is part of the meal plan expense and is non-refundable. For example, if you purchase meal plan C, which is $2,243, then the amount of Tigerbucks loaded on your gold card is $1,876.

When the student uses his/her gold card for meals, the card reader reflects the meal plan that the student is on. If the sale is $8.25, the system deducts $8.25 from the Tigerbucks that the student has received on their card and continues deducting as the student completes each sales transaction.

To summarize, the meal plan expense (what you paid for the meal plan) is charged to the student account. The actually dollars the student receives from this plan is called Tigerbucks and these dollars are loaded into a separate system than student accounts, called Odyssey. The tigerbucks are deducted with each sales transaction and tracked in this separate system.

What are Tiger Bucks?

Tiger bucks are the meal plan currency included with your meal plan.  One Tiger Buck is equal to $1.00.

Where can I use Tigerbucks?

Tigerbucks can be used at all "on campus" restaurants (Rastall, Benjamin's, The Preserve, Local Goods, Colorado Coffee and Chaz Coffee Cart).

Can I spend Tiger Bucks in the Bookstore?

NO. Although the Bookstore does carry food, they do not accept Tiger Bucks as a form of payment. However, they will accept Gold Card Plus funds even online!

Will Tiger Bucks carry over into next semester?

Yes. Tiger Bucks from the Fall Semester will carry over to the Spring Semester.  A new meal plan for S[romg Semester will be added to the student's GoldCard.  All Tiger Bucks expire at the end of the Spring Semester.

What is the difference between Tigerbucks and Gold Card Plus?

Tigerbucks are the gold card dollars loaded for each meal plan. If you are utilizing a meal plan, you have Tigerbucks loaded on your gold card.

Students can only use gold card plus if they have pre-funded their card. To pre-fund your gold card, go to https:\\ The gold card plus can be used for on campus events, bookstore, vending machines, laundry machines, on campus Restaurants and several off campus locations - see list below.

Off-Campus Locations that Accept Gold Card Plus (April 7, 2014)

7-Eleven, 310 West Unitah
7-Eleven, 825 N Nevada
Buttercups Frozen Yogurt, 275 Tejon St
Chipotle Mexican Grill, 17 S Tejon
Dale St Bistro Cafe, 115 E Dale St
Dominos, 330 N Wahsatch Ave
Hunan Springs, 24 E Kiowa St
Laaus Taco Shop, 830 N Tejon St ***
Poor Richards Restaurant, 324 N Tejon St
Roadrunner Pizza and Pasta, 3113 N Hancock Ave
Wooglins Deli and Cafe, 823 N Tejon St

*** Temporarily closed, will re-open in the fall of 2014

Can I change my meal plan?

Yes, students are allowed to change their meal plan one time up until the second week of school for each semester.

How can I change my meal plan?

Go to, click on meal plans. Select the meal plan you wish to be on by clicking on the appropriate meal plan icon. You will bring up the Student Accounts email address, enter your ID# and Name. The office will update your meal plan once the email is received.

What is the deadline for changing my meal plan?

Students are allowed to change their meal plan through the second week of school for each semester. Meal plan changes can be made at

What is an apartment plan?

Apartment plans are required each semester for those students living in Western Ridge (Antero, Blanca, JLK, El Diente and Edith Gaylord). Those students living off campus may sign up for an apartment plan online. The fee for the apartment plan will be charged to the student’s account.

Who do I pay for the meal plan?

The meal plan expense is charged to your student account. Please pay this fee along with the tuition and room fees owed for the semester. The meal plan cost should reflect on your fall invoice, which can be viewed online in late July for fall semester and late November for spring semester.

How can I get a print out of my meal plan sales?

Go to https:\\

I am taking a leave of absence for one or more blocks. How does this affect my meal plan?

You must request a leave of absence (LOA) from the Dean of Students Office. Please check with the Dean's Office for deadlines. All LOA's must be requested and approved prior to absence Refunds are given on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed.

I will be going abroad. How does this affect my meal plan?

You must request a leave of absence (LOA) to study abroad from the Dean of Students Office. Please check with the Dean's Office for deadlines. All LOA's for study abroad must be requested and approved prior to absence. Refunds are given on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed.

I have special dietary needs. Who do I talk to?

Contact the Campus Dining Office at 719-389-6152 before the semester begins.