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Billing Schedule

FALL 2014

August 8, 2014

Fall semester invoices available online.  As long as you are signed up in our online billing site, you will receive an email notification when an invoice/statement is ready to be viewed online.

August 27, 2014

Payment due for Fall Semester

September 1, 2014

Online Student Check-in Process Begins

September 1, 2014

First day of class for Fall Semester


December 1, 2014

Spring semester invoices available online. As long as you are signed up in our online billing site, you will receive an email notification when an invoice/statement is ready to be viewed online.

January 9, 2015

Payment due for Spring Semester

January 19, 2015

Online Student Check-in Process Begins

January 19, 2015

First day of class for Spring Semester

Payment In Full 

The due dates for each semester are noted above.  Those families who do not pay in full by the stated deadlines and/or have not signed up with the outside payment plan will be assessed a late fee of 1% on the outstanding balance.  Late fees will continue to be assessed each month until the balance is paid in full.  Families who wish to make monthly installments must enroll in the outside payment plan.  We do not offer an internal payment plan option.

We understand that some families will have federal or alternative loans which cover the outstanding balance owed.  Loans will be credited to the student account once all the necessary paperwork is complete and the student completes the check-in process. If the loan requirements are not completed timely, your student account may be assessed a late fee of 1% on the outstanding balance each month until all requirements have been completed.

Outside Payment Plan 

Administered by Higher One. Families who wish to enroll in a monthly payment plan are required to enroll online by clicking "Payment Plan" on our webpage or go to A small enrollment fee of $35 must be paid when enrolling for each semester. Online enrollment is required each semester.  The enrollment period for the fall plan begins March 25th and for the spring plan begins September 25th. No monthly interest is assessed. Although, a late fee will be assessed by Higher One on behalf of Colorado College for any late payments made. 

Important Note : Payments made to Higher One at the beginning of the month are not sent to the college until the first business day of the following month.

Please make sure that you are reviewing your online monthly statement from Colorado College.  Often changes occur in the student account and may create a discrepancy between what you contracted with Higher One and what you owe the college.

Fall semester balances are due in full by December 1st.

Spring semester balances are due in full by May 1st.

We encourage families to review our webpage and/or contact our office if they have any questions about the outside payment plan option.

Monthly Statements 

Statements are available around the 15th of each month for those students with outstanding balances. All bills are viewed on our onlie billing site. Please make sure you have signed up in our online billing site.  Once a student is enrolled in the online billing site, they can set up "other payers", by going to their online site (please remember your username/password) and clicking on "My Profile" and "Invite Other Payer".  If the student DOES NOT set up their online account, NO ACCESS will be given and bills cannot be viewed until the set up happens. If families are using the payment plan option, bills will be sent via our outside servicer.  You should also view your CC bill online to insure all miscellaneous fees get paid by the due dates stated on the bill.

On-Line Student Check-In

Online check-in is mandatory for all CC students.  Check-in is NOT enrolling in courses.  Check-in helps administrative departments confirm which students have returned for the upcoming semester and which students have not.  It allows the Registrar's office to provide senior staff with our full time student enrollment stats. Important reminder: Students who receive federal grants and/or loans will NOT receive this credit to their student account until the check-in process is completed.