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Upcoming Events

Earth Day Festivities

April 23-28

Overpopulation is a major contributing factor to global species extinction.  40% of pregnancies are unwanted and many women around the world do not have access to contraception and other family planning information.  During Earth week, we'll be putting the spotlight on healthy sexual and reproductive health options as we distribute the fantastic Endangered Species Condoms produced by the Center for Biological Diversity.  Come by Worner to learn more about how empowering women, educating everyone and making reproductive choice an option for everyone can help slow the rate of species extinction!


Denim Day

Thursday, April 26

Denim day is an international day of protest which grew out of an Italian court decision in which a rape conviction was overturned because the judge said since the woman was wearing tight jeans at the time of her assault, she could not have been raped.  Denim Day is an opportunity for the entire community to say, "No matter what we wear, or where we go, there is never an excuse to rape!"

So, on Thursday, April 26, make a social statement with your fashion statement, and wear denim!