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Everyone in our community has an investment in ending sexual violence, intimate partner violence and stalking, and in creating a campus culture free of violence, and in which everyone engages in a healthy way around sexuality and relationships.  Therefore, this programming is for everyone.  The Office of Sexual Assault Response and Prevention conducts a wide range of campus programming on a variety topics, including:  

  • Programming designed to raise awareness of issues like sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking. Examples of these programs include "The Economics of Domestic Violence," "Take Back the Night," and "Stalking Awareness Month."  Additional topics covered by these kinds of programs include causes and behaviors associated with sexual assault, the role of alcohol in sexual assault, drug-facilitated sexual assault, and sexual harassment.
  • Programs which provide information to the campus community about policies and procedures.  Examples of these programs include trainings for residence advisors, new faculty and staff, and all incoming students conducted each fall.   
  • Programs like the “Good Sex” series, which are intended to promote a healthy dialogue about sexuality and sexual behavior on campus. Examples of topics covered by the "Good Sex" Series include: "The Mechanics of Pleasure," "The Role of Technology in Sex," "How to Make Consent Sexy," "Communication," and "The Ethics of Sex."
  • Workshops for particular campus groups which teach risk-reduction strategies, such as the FullPower Self-Protection Workshop, Empowerment Workshops for Women, and Bystander Intervention Trainings.
  • Workshops for student organizations or groups that plan to host parties.  These workshops focus on thinking through issues like safety planning, and creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.
  • Programs that challenge attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking.

The sexual assault response coordinator is happy to work with individuals and groups to develop additional programs to meet the needs of the campus community.  You can contact her at (719) 227-8101, email or you can stop by her office in 219 Worner.

There is also funding available for student-led programs promoting the safety and health of women students at Colorado College.  The Murray-Maloney Endowed Fund for Women supports the efforts of Colorado College students who demonstrate leadership and competence, and who have shown an understanding and concern for the issues of health and safety for women students at the college.  In order to apply for funding, complete the application and submit to the Office of Sexual Assault Response and Prevention.