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Sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking can happen to anyone, regardless of race, class, age, appearance,or sexual orientation.

Prevalence of Sexual Assault

1 in 4 college women experience completed or attempted sexual assault during their college years (National College Women Sexual Victimization Study, 2000).

Men comprised approximately 13% of reported rapes and sexual assaults in 2002 (DOJ, 2003).

1 in 17 Colorado men experience completed or attempted sexual assault in their lifetime (CO Department of Public Health and Environment and CCASA, 1998).

10% of crimes against gay men and lesbian women include sexual assault (Comstock, 1991).

In 8 out of 10 sexual assault cases, the victim knew the perpetrator (TJaden and Toennes, 2000).

19% of sexual assaults are committed by intimate partners (National Women s Study, 1992).

Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence

32% of college women report dating violence by a previous partner, and 21% report violence by a current partner (Fisher and Cullen, 2000).

60% of acquaintance rapes on college campuses occur in casual or steady dating relationships (Johnson and Sigler, 1996).

Prevalence of Stalking

Almost 5 percent of women and 0.6 percent of men reported being stalked by a current or former spouse, cohabiting partner, or date at some time in their lifetime.  0.5 percent of women and 0.2 percent of men reported being stalked by such a partner in the previous 12 months.
More than 13% of college women indicated that they had been stalked during the last year; 42% of those were stalked by a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend (Fisher and Cullen, 2000).