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CC Definitions

Colorado College believes that all students, faculty, and staff have the right to learn and work in an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and unwanted sexual contact, coercion, or abuse.  Our campus policies are built around the concepts of respect, integrity, responsibility, community, and fairness. Although all campus polices are governed by these principles, we do have different policies, depending on who is engaging in the behavior of concern: For instance, we have policies that address student behavior, and policies that address staff and faculty behavior.

Colorado College is committed to responding to incidents of sexual misconduct, harassment, and gender bias in order to eliminate any hostile environment, prevent recurrence of sexual misconduct, and address its effects. Students can seek appropriate resources to ameliorate the impact of these kinds of experiences on their educational experience through the sexual assault response coordinator. Additionally, if students feel dissatisfied with the college’s efforts in this regard, they can contact the college’s Title IX coordinator to seek appropriate remedies and/or to file a grievance. The Title IX coordinator is Gail Murphy-Geiss (Office: Palmer 131A. Phone: (719) 389-6868. E-mail: