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Schedule A Session

How to schedule a session with a START member

Email, letting us know that you want to book a session and if you have a preference of day/time and member.

We also recommend visiting our List of Members page to determine if there's a particular member with whom you would prefer to meet. That being said, please do not select a START member that you have a friendship or personal relationship with.

About the Sessions

Sessions are 45-minutes long. Since START is not a crisis resource, START members are not available 24/7 nor do we have a hotline, so you must set up a session or email us to receive START assistance. Sessions cannot be made same day, they must be scheduled up to 24 hours in advance.

Sessions can take place in a private place of your choosing, with the exception of in dorm rooms or homes. In order to ensure confidentiality, sessions must be in a private location. Common places people choose to meet include an upstairs worner study room, the Interfaith House, or an empty classroom.

START is a confidential resource. This confidentiality means that a session with a START member is not going to be shared with anyone, is not a report to the college, and will stay between the two of you.

START members are not available during fourth week or block breaks but are otherwise available during their set hours.

Schedule a Test Session Here