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List of Members

Lindsey Aronson


Lindsey hails from Chicago, Illinois. She transferred to CC in the fall of 2016, and now considers Colorado home away from home. Lindsey is an English major with a love for all things Jane Austen. She is a trip leader for Outdoor Education and a mentor for incoming transfer students. Lindsey also works at the CC gear house, hangs out in the metal and pottery studios, and loves backpacking and playing in the outdoors. She is studying abroad in Granada, Spain, but will be back from the spring 2018 semester!

Montana Bass


Hello everybody! My name is Montana and my gender pronouns are she/her/hers. I'm a junior Comparative Literature: French major from Hingham, Massachusetts. I love being part of the dance community here at CC and usually fill up a lot of my week with dance workshop rehearsals. I also go skiing whenever I get a chance. The fall of my junior year I lived in Dakar, Senegal and I'm hoping to get back there at some point after graduation. I'm very excited to be a part of START this year!

Jamie Baum


Hey all! My name is Jamie and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a senior Sociology major and Feminist and Gender Studies minor. I’m from Westchester, New York and I miss the fall foliage of the North East! I am also a co-chair of Hillel, the Jewish Student group on campus and I was a chair of the Student Organization for Sexual Safety (SOSS) my sophomore year. I’m also one of the three founders of START! I have been a court victim advocate with TESSA so I am quite experienced in working with protection orders in El Paso county. I love cozy snowy weather, a good walk, candles, and coffee!

Leah Ciffolillo


Hi friends! My pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m a senior at CC, majoring in Psychology and English. I grew up in Massachusetts and Maine, and I hope to return to Maine when I finish school and live on a sailboat during the summer months. I love dogs, home-cooked meals, everything soft, and coffee dates with friends. While at CC, I’ve played rugby, helped found START, led NSO trips, volunteered with TESSA, skied, babysat, edited The Catalyst, and procrastinated my school work. My volunteering with TESSA has involved both office work and hospital advocacy—so I am especially knowledgeable of Colorado Springs' hospital processes regarding sexual assault and intimate partner violence.

Cassandra Franceschelli


Hiya! My name is Cass and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a junior Psychology major and Music minor. I’m from Miramar, Florida and get goosebumps in 70 degree weather! I used to be the Pride LLC RA, so I'm pretty familiar with LGBTQIA+ issues. (And unhealthy family dynamics!) I'm also a Quest Scholars kid and appreciate the heck out of my fellow bridge peeps. I'm in love with chocolate, my girlfriend, and afternoon naps.

Susanna Penfield


Hello! My name is Susanna and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a sophomore and currently undeclared, but after a lot of indecisiveness over the past year am now building credits towards a Political Science major and Feminist and Gender Studies minor. I am from a tiny town in central Vermont (Population 1,000) but went to high school across the river in Hanover, New Hampshire. Throughout high school, I worked intimately with a community-based organization that used creativity and art to aid in the recovery of trauma victims and am excited to see how my experience there will transfer to a college setting. In addition to START, I play club rugby, hop between intramural soccer, futsal, and inner-tube water polo teams, babysit, and try to make it the mountains whenever I can whether it’s to hike, climb or backcountry ski. 

Suzie Taylor


Hey friends! My name is Suzie, I am a senior neuroscience major with a biochemistry minor. I am originally from Alaska, where it is surprisingly not cold all year round! Outside of START, I am captain of the women's club hockey team and work various jobs on campus. You'll most likely find me at the rink or the gym. I am a very social and enjoy random conversations with perfect strangers, so feel free to say hello if you see me around campus!

Jasmin Thibou


Hey! I’m Jasmin and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m in my senior year here at CC working on a German major with a minor in Anthropology. I’ve spent practically my entire life in Colorado Springs and love this state! On campus, I’m involved in the Prison Project and German-related events like Kaffeeklatsch. In the past, I’ve also been active in BSU and I’m hoping to get involved in it again this year! I work and do most of my volunteering off campus doing everything from reading tutoring to environmental cleanup. I’m always up for a hike, have a mad love of traveling and can’t wait to graduate so I can go off and explore the world!