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Reporting Options/Procedures

The Colorado College encourages students to report sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking and other forms of sexual misconduct.  Under our campus policies, students have three paths or options to pursue.  You can speak confidentially to the CC Sexual Assault Response Coordinator about all of these options, which include:

  • Informal Support Systems:  the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, campus Chaplains, Counselors and SOSS group members provide information and confidential support to assist students in making decisions about filing a formal complaint/charges and seeking medical care or counseling.  These resources can also assist students in managing the impact of misconduct on their academic and social functioning.
  • Formal College Discipline System:  an internal administrative process determines whether violations of the Colorado College Code of Student Conduct have occurred.  Complainants and respondents are provided with advisors to assist them in preparing the formal complaint and/or responding to such a complaint.  Both will also be informed of the outcome.  Once a formal complaint is filed, the matter goes to an investigator who investigates the allegations and reports to the adjudicator.  Following the investigation, the adjudicator determines the sanctions.  Appeals of the investigative and/or adjudication process are granted on a limited basis.  Sanctions can include education/training, warnings, probation, suspension and expulsion.
  • Formal Legal System:  the Colorado College encourages students to report sexual assaults, intimate partner violence and stalking to the local police.  The SARC, Campus Safety or other campus resources can arrange a meeting place for your initial contact with the police.  Students can request that a representative of the college accompany them in making a police report.

Colorado College is committed to responding to incidents of sexual misconduct, harassment and gender or sexuality bias incidents in order to eliminate any hostile environment, prevent recurrence of sexual misconduct and address its effects.  Students can seek appropriate remedies to the impact of these kinds of experiences on their educational experience through the Informal Support System outlined above.  Additionally, if students feel dissatisfied with the college’s efforts in this regard, they can contact the college’s Title IX Coordinator, to seek appropriate remedies and/or to file a grievance.  The Title IX coordinator is Gail Murphy-Geiss (Office: Palmer 131A. Phone: (719)389-6868. E-mail: