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Medical options

It is extremely important for survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence to get supportive services as quickly as possible following an assault.  A primary concern is physical safety and health.  There are a number of resources for medical services available to students, and you can speak with the SARC for assistance in accessing these services, if desired.  Consider getting medical attention.  Victims of sexual assault and intimate partner violence should consider getting medical treatment for the following reasons:

  • To treat any injuries that may have occurred during the assault.  Even if you do not think that you are injured, you may have sustained injuries like bruising, lacerations, or internal injuries, particularly if you were forced to have vaginal or anal intercourse.
  • To obtain emergency contraception (used to prevent pregnancy within 72 hours of unprotected penile/vaginal assault) and/or antibiotics (to prevent sexually transmitted infection).
  • Collection of forensic evidence which may be used later if you decide to prosecute.  Once collected, the evidence will be held for two years, so you have time to decide whether you wish to prosecute the assault, but having medical evidence may improve the strength of your case. 
    • You should not bathe, douche, change clothes, or brush teeth.  This will help preserve evidence in the event you decide to prosecute.  If you have changed clothing, it is best to bring the clothes that you were wearing at the time (or immediately after) the assault.
    • If you know that you wish to have medical evidence collected, you can go directly to the Memorial Hospital Emergency Room for this process.  When you arrive in the ER, tell the intake nurse that you are requesting a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) exam.  The CC sexual assault response coordinator can also help transport you to Memorial and support you through this process.

Medical care is also available at the following locations:

  • Health Professional at Boettcher Health Center
    • (719) 389-6384
  • Planned Parenthood
    • (719) 475-7162