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Guidelines for Starting a New Organization

How to Start a Student Organization

  1. Make sure that your idea doesn’t already exist doesn’t already exist as a club. Check with Residential Life & Campus Activities (upstairs Worner).
  2. Assemble a committed group of students. Not just three of your friends that like the idea but an actual group of students that are interested, invested and ready to take the initiative.
  3. Alright! Think of a catchy name or acronym, put up flyers and hold a interest meeting! At your first meeting, make sure to:
    1. Figure out the mission statement of your group. Are you based on service and learning? Do you just want to have fun? What is the purpose of the group?
    2. Take notes!
    3. Take attendance!
    4. What are events that the group wants to sponsor? Are there any other groups on campus that are similar or may be good to partner with?
    5. Does the group want recognized or chartered status? See #4
    6. Plan a regularly scheduled meeting time/place
  4. Recognized v. Chartered Status. Recognition means that the group can use CC facilities, can apply to use CCSGA funding and after a year of recognition can apply for Chartered Status. What does Chartered Status mean? Being a Chartered group means that the group can use CC’s name, can apply for a yearly operational budget, and use CC’s Central Services (ie print flyers, receive mail). For either of these recognitions, applications are due to CCSGA each semester. There is also a blockly review of the club that needs to be sent into CCSGA. Please see their website for more information and the physical applications.
  5. Identify a staff or faculty advisor who will support your organization with advise and sign off on approved CC SGA expenditures (when using CC SGA funds).
  6. Complete New Student Organization online form found on the CC Student Government Association website.
  7. CC SGA will review your application and send you a notification with a status update. 
  8. You have started to establish a club! You can request funding support from CC SGA. You can begin to reserve rooms for functions and meetings. If you have questions regarding reserving a room, contact Lynnette DiRaddo at the Worner Desk. If you need any further assistance in finding like Clubs or figuring out cool events to do, see Bethany Grubbs or one of the Interns in the Residence Life Campus Activities Office, Worner 207!

Visit the CCSGA site >>