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Things to Bring

  • Pillow, Bedspread, Sheets & Blankets (Extra Long 36x80 bed)

  • Towels, Wash Clothes, & Toiletries

  • UL-Approved Electronics & Extension Cords

  • Telephone (Avoid 2.4 GHz cordless phones, as they can interfere with CC's wireless network.)

  • Reading Lamp (No plastic shades allowed.)

  • Small Fan

  • Hangers

  • Office Supplies

  • Shower Caddy

Things NOT to Bring

  • Electrical Appliances (halogen lamps, electric blankets, space heaters, heat lamps)

  • Kitchen Appliances (The only things permitted are coffee pots with automatic shut-offs)

  • Flammable Items (Incense, candles, gasoline, propane, sterno, and hookahs)

  • Animals (No animals, other than fish or crustaceans that live underwater, are permitted.)

  • Excessive Amounts of Furniture (lofts, waterbeds, personal desks or beds)

  • Weapons (Guns, ammunition, pellet guns, air guns, smoke devices, bow and arrows, large knives, and fireworks)

  • Large Stereo Bass Units (Subwoofers)--These create a loud disturbance to surrounding rooms. Stereos without these units are acceptable.