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Benefits, Myths & Realities of RA Position


As a Resident Advisor at CC you will be faced with challenging and unique opportunities for growth both personally and professionally. You will be utilizing skills including time management, problem-solving, and working with a diverse group of people.

Myths & Realities

MYTH: I will have to write up all of my friends, and they will hate me.

REALITY: If you set the right parameters your friends will respect you and your job.


MYTH: I can’t leave for any block breaks.

REALITY: You will have to be on duty for one or two block breaks (depending on where you work), but you are free to leave for the other ones.


MYTH: My grades will suffer from the extra responsibilities.

REALITY: The position does require that you have and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75. The goal is balance, and we expect you to continue to devote time to being a successful student first. Many RAs get better grades after assuming the responsibilities of the RA position.


MYTH: My primary role as an RA will be that of a disciplinarian. All I will deal with are conduct issues.

REALITY: Your job will be mostly positive and fun! You’ll spend a lot of time helping your residents adjust, providing them with resources, answering their questions, and encouraging them to relate to each other socially by planning programs and social activities. However, you will at times have to hold students accountable by enforcing residential policies.


MYTH: I must fit a certain mold in order to be selected as an RA.

Reality: We select a varied group of student staff members based on their strengths, creativity, commitment to social justice, diversity & inclusion. We look for those who are extroverts, introverts, active on campus, not active on campus, etc. Our goal is to select a group of leaders that best represent our student body and who can help elevate living & learning communities.