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New Transfer Students

Welcome to Colorado College!

We’re excited you're here. There are so many incredible opportunities that it may be a bit overwhelming at first. We’re here to help you make CC your new home.

Active Learning

Make the transition. Embrace the challenge. Immerse yourself in CC Life. The summer months before your start at CC provide you with any number of opportunities to get to know your new community. Email your advisor to start the conversation about the courses you’re thinking of taking. Check out the NSO schedule and map your first days at CC. Join a Priddy trip and find out what experiential learning is like. Visit Tutt Library and the Colket Center to connect with the tremendous academic support resources available to you when Block 1 begins.

Only Connect

We’ve got your back. You’ll find potential friends and mentors around every corner at CC. Talk with your RA or RLC for 'on-the-ground' advice about student life and the Colorado Springs area. Make friends with someone on the grounds crew. Get to know a staff member in your dorm, at the Worner Desk, or CC Post Office. Spend an afternoon at The Press or sign-up for an intramural team. It’s all waiting for you.

Explore Your New Worlds

Take your passions outside the classroom and share. Take advantage of the beautiful Colorado surroundings and go on a hike, go skiing, or go camping with friends. Make sure you seek out opportunities to exchange ideas inside and outside of the classroom.