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Housing Damage

Housing Damage Billing Information

Residential Life and Housing currently does not build in costs to your room rates to repair vandalism and damage beyond normal wear and use. Because of this, we have a damage billing process that is outlined in the Pathfinder in order to recover the costs and help hold students accountable to their community and for their actions. Damage billing may refer to damages that happen in the common areas (lounges, bathrooms, etc), or to the student’s room. All damage billing information will be relayed to students via their CC e-mail account as soon as possible, including what damage occurred, the estimated cost if available, and appeal deadlines. Our goal is to help students be responsible for their community and be invested in what is happening around them. If you have any questions about damage billing, please contact your Residential Life Coordinator.

Explanation of Charges

Community damages refer to charges that are assessed to a community because the responsible person(s) was not determined or did not come forward. These charges are divided among the students who live in the specific community where damage occurred. Individual room/apartment charges refer to charges assessed against the individual(s) who lives within a room or apartment. Life Safety fines are charges that are assessed as a deterrent to student behavior, such as removing screens, accessing a roof, tampering with fire safety equipment, etc. We do not charge for normal wear and tear to the facilities or furniture.


If you feel you have been charged incorrectly, you may request an appeal for the charges. You must do so in writing as outlined in the explanation of charges that is e-mailed to your CC account. All students will be held accountable to the deadlines posted in the notification, so please be aware of appeal deadlines. Appeals will be heard for charges where appeal deadlines have not already passed. Damage appeals will be considered under the following circumstances (as outlined in the Pathfinder): 1. If you provide information that enables us to hold the individual who is responsible for the damage accountable for his/her actions, or 2. If you provide documentation that demonstrates that you were out of the Colorado Springs area. Examples of this include plane tickets, a signed note from a professor stating that you were at BACA or the CC Cabin, or conference/concert tickets that span the timeframe of the damage.