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Living Off Campus


Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020

Dear On-Campus and Local Colorado College Students,

As always, we hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and well. We know this continues to be a challenging time for many, particularly for those of you who had to leave campus as part of our COVID-19 risk mitigation efforts to de-densify campus. This letter is intended for those students who remain in college-assigned housing, or who are local and have been granted access, or are seeking access to campus. If this does not apply to you, we apologize; we are sending this to all students just to ensure we're not missing anyone.

Being a part of the Colorado College in-person community at this time is a benefit that has been granted to some students, while not to others. For those students who remain in residence with us, or who have otherwise been granted access to campus, we have increased expectations that you will also value being part of this community and protect your ability to remain here in person.

In order to retain or gain access to campus, students with on-campus approval must complete the following three steps by 3 p.m. MST on Monday, Oct. 5, 2020, if not already completed. Failure to complete these steps by this deadline will result in your Gold Card being deactivated.

  1. Complete COVID-19 screening test and receive negative results. Create your UCH My Health Connection account by following these instructions, then schedule your test.
    • For students living in on-campus housing, arrival testing completed at the time of move-in will be counted as your initial COVID-19 screening.
    • For off-campus students, if you have participated in random sample testing between the dates of Sept. 16 and Sept. 30, those results will be counted as your initial COVID-19 screening.
    • Our UCHealth partner will be on campus Tuesday, Sept. 29, from 10 a.m.-5 the Hybl Community Center to test off-campus students. View additional instructionsfor creating your account and scheduling your testing appointment.
    • Test results may take as long as 3-5 days, but typically come in within about 48 hours. Once your test results come in, the college will verify that you are cleared for campus access and your Gold Card will be activated only if you have completed all requirements for campus access.
    • In order to retain on-campus living or access privileges, students must also:
      • Participate in random sampling testing
      • Complete the daily COVID screening on the CC app before coming to campus or accessing campus buildings
      • Fully cooperate with contact tracing efforts; it helps reduce the spread and transition of the virus
  1. Complete all components of the Safe Return to Campus Student Expectations Canvas Course.
    • Please note that new components have been added to this course, so all students should log into the Safe Return to Campus course and verify that they have completed all sections, including the Colorado College Community Commitmentand the COVID-19 Response Policy (risk mitigation protocols).
    • Regardless of where you are, all students are held to Community Standards & Conduct, including the COVID-19 Response Policy (risk mitigation protocols). In addition to loss of Gold Card access, violations of these expectations will be referred to the community standards and conduct specialist for review and may result in disciplinary charges under the college's policy on Non-Compliance with College Officials and/or Community Health Concerns.
    • Questions about Gold Card access: Contact Worner Desk (719) 389-6607 or Campus Safety after hours (719) 389-6707.
    • Questions about the Canvas course: Contact the Student Life Office at (719) 389-6684.
  2. Complete the Fall Living Survey

Access to campus at this time is provided to students in need of academic access or other accommodations. Violations of the Community Commitment or the COVID-19 Response Policy (risk mitigation protocols) may result in the immediate loss of access to campus for the remainder of Fall Semester 2020.

We value all of our students, whether you are still here with us in person or remotely. Many of you continually demonstrate your commitment to the safety of your community by following all protocols and we thank you for that. For those of you with us in person, we trust you will continue to take COVID-19 protocols very seriously to protect our community and your ability to remain on campus or access campus.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Rochelle T. Dickey

Acting Dean of Students/Acting Vice President for Student Life

Edwin Toshio Hamada

Assistant Vice President for the Residential Experience


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