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Guidelines for Points

When you speak with your faculty advisor, talk to them about points, but have some idea yourself about the number of points you think you should assign.

  • If you really want a course that is in high demand, you must decide whether or not you should use most of your points for that course and take your chances on the other block(s). Introductory level science courses are high demand courses; they require a lot of points.
  • Note how many times the course is taught during the academic year. Obviously your opportunity to get into a class is enhanced if the course is offered many times during the year.
  • You may have discovered that some professors are in high demand; again, a lot of points will probably be required.
  • Be sure to check under "Prerequisites" before signing up for a class. If you do not have a prerequisite, you won't be allowed to take the class. If you think you have completed the prerequisite or will have completed it before the block, you can contact the instructor and get their consent code to use in the preregistration program. When this is used, it should override the prerequisite checking.
  • If you are on campus, talk to other students or ask the resident adviser in your residence hall. They are very familiar with the point system.

Points allowed for each Preregistration:

  1. Spring Semester Preregistration, blocks 5-8 = 40 points
  2. Fall Semester Preregistration, blocks 1-4 = 40 points

January Half Block course registration will not be part of the Preregistration process. Separate announcements will be made for registering for these courses.

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