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First Year Preregistration

First-Year Student Preregistration Information

Preregistration for blocks 3-4 for all first-year students will be September 23 - October 4, 2019.

All first-year students have 20 points to distribute on blocks 3 & 4.

Easy Steps for Preregistration:

  • Look at the course offerings for blocks 3 & 4 in SSB. See what courses have reserved spots for first-years, courses that have openings available now or have short waitlists.
  • Write down a few courses of particular interest to take with you to your advising meeting. You can use this worksheet or work in SSB to formulate a draft.  See instructions for SSB The Detailed Student Preregistration Instructions.
  • Make an appointment with your faculty advisor. Don’t forget to ask for your preregistration passcode before you leave!
  • Login to your SSB. Click Preregistration. Enter the CRN for each block. Add Course. Enter your Grading Track and Points. Save Changes. Enter your Student Passcode. Submit Preregistration.
  • Done!

Preregistration Process Status

  • Within the Preregistration Choices section, please note the status of your Preregistration by color:
  • Red = Incomplete Status.
  • Blue = it’s ready to submit with your preregistration passcode.
  • Green = complete status.


If you decide to make changes after you’ve submitted, you may login again and make changes.  Once submitted, your faculty advisor will be notified when any additional changes are made.

Your FYE will display on your preregistration, but you will be blocked from making any changes to these.

You must obtain your Preregistration PASSCODE from your declared advisor (listed above) to complete and submit your preregistration selections.  Make your appointment with your advisor early!!  Each student is assigned a Preregistration PASSCODE which must be given to you by your faculty advisor; only your faculty advisor has access to your passcode.

We always recommend you either complete the worksheet and take this with you to your advising session, or you can also screenshot your preregistration draft from SSB and send to your faculty advisor before your meeting.  Once you receive your schedule results, on Oct. 10, schedule changes can be made in SSB in Drop/Add on your student menu.

More detailed instructions and points needed for first-year preregistration last year can be found on the Registrar’s Office webpage, under “First-Year Preregistration/Detailed Student Preregistration Instructions.pdf” The list provided is when students were preregistering for blocks 3-8 with 60 points, so they will not be an accurate reflection for 2 blocks with 20 points.

We do have printed 2018-19 Course Schedule booklets available for the taking in the Registrar’s Office. Keep in mind that the most up to date course offerings are available anytime in SSB.

All changes to your schedule can be made in SSB beginning on October 10th , or as soon as schedule results are available to view in SSB.

Faculty Information for First Year Preregistration

First-Year Preregistration for blocks 3-4 for the Fall 2018 will be September 24th – October 5th. Please plan to meet with your advisees as soon as possible. Students will register using the Preregistration System in Self-Service Banner, (SSB).

  • Your First-Year Advisees will have student ID#s that begin with 18
  • Students will only have 20 points for First-Year Preregistration
  • Students will only register for blocks 3 and 4 for Fall semester.
  • You can ask your Advisees to send you a screenshot of their courses before you meet with them.
  • Students must meet with their Faculty Advisor to obtain their Student Preregistration Passcode.


Self-Service Banner/Faculty Tab

Student Preregistration Passcodes

  • All faculty advisors have access to their advisee preregistration passcode and transcripts in Self-Service Banner (SSB) by logging in and clicking on the Faculty Tab/My Advisees.

Faculty PINs

  • All instructors with a teaching schedule have been assigned a Consent of Instructor PIN; COI. You will find your COI PIN on the Faculty Tab/Your Teaching Schedule. If a course requires a COI, the student must have this COI PIN to preregister for the course. If you have a course listed as “COI OR a prerequisite” the PIN will not be required unless the student does not meet the prerequisite; in this situation the COI PIN will override the prerequisite error.

Department PINs

  • All departments have been assigned a Consent of Department PIN; COD. Department Chairs and Department Assistants can see the COD PIN by clicking on the Faculty Tab/Consent of Department.