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First Year Preregistration

First-Year Student Preregistration Information

Stellic; CC's Degree Progress Planning & Tracking tool is new planning tool for students and advisors to utilize to help keep track of their curricular & non-curricular activities.

Access CC's Degree Progress Planning & Tracking tool here:

First-Year Preregistration is the formal process for new first-year students to register for blocks 3 and 4 and to select their spring courses to be saved as a draft to return to during Spring Preregistration. In First-Year Preregistration, point allocations are disabled for blocks 3 & 4; students will be enrolled into courses or placed on waiting lists based on reserved seats and course availability. First-Years will have 40-points to distribute on their saved spring course selections to return to with all students during Spring Preregistration. New first-year students will participate in First-Year Preregistration in the Summer prior to their first Fall semester. New first-year students are first mandatorily enrolled in blocks 1 and 2 through their First-Year Program (CC100: Critical Inquiry Seminar & CC120: First-Year Writing Seminar). The First-Year Program serves as the foundation to CC's General Education plan.

Click here for more information about CC's General Education plan (applicable for students starting in the 2020-21 academic year)
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