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Fall Preregistration


In the Spring, opening in the last two weeks of block 7 and ending in the first week of block 8, students will participate in Fall Preregistration to plan out their next full academic year. Students will be allowed 40-points to distribute between their blocks 1 - 4 courses and another 40-points to distribute between their saved course selections for blocks 5 - 8. Fall Preregistration will formally process course registrations and points for the upcoming Fall semester and enroll students in courses or place them on a waiting list based on the student's point bid. Students' spring selections and points will be saved as a draft to be revisited and processed during Spring Preregistration in the Fall.

Nuts and Bolts of Preregistration

  • Fall 2021 Preregistration period is April 12 - April 30, 2021 

  • Students will plan out their complete schedule for the upcoming academic year; Fall, blocks 1 - 4 and Spring, blocks 5 - 8.

  • Students will have 40-points to distribute between their Fall courses and another 40-points to distribute between their "drafted" Spring courses.

  • Course registrations and points will be processed for blocks 1 - 4 only; enrolling students into courses or placing them on a waiting list based on the student's point bid.
  • Students' Spring selections and points will be saved as a draft to be submitted and processed during Spring Preregistration in the Fall (dates tbd). Once Preregistration closes, these cannot be adjusted until the next Preregistration period opens.

  • January Half Block is not a part of the preregistration process. Registration for this block will open for all students in Add/Drop after Spring Preregistration (in the Fall). Separate announcements will be made the closer we get to this date.
  • Students are assigned a unique Preregistration passcode (a 6 letter, all-caps sequence) for each Preregistration period and may only obtain it through their faculty advisor. This passcode is used to officially submit their courses once a full schedule has been entered. It is strongly recommended to make appointments in the first two weeks to review plans and obtain passocdes - don't wait until the end!

  • Once a student submits their Preregistration, they may continue to make adjustments while the Preregistration period is open. Advisors will be notified of any additional changes to the student's schedule once the original submission is made. 
  • Preregistration will close at 5:00 pm on Friday, April 30, 2021. Changes will not be allowed until the results have been posted to student schedules, the following Wednesday. 

  • Students can expect to receive their Preregistration results on Wednesday, May 5,2021, via their Student Schedule in Banner SSB. An announcement email will be shared once results have been posted. Once results are out, students may us the blockly Add/Drop registration system to make any further changes to their schedules. (results will be reflected in Stellic the next day for further planning)

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Make sure to fill each block with a block seminar course for blocks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8.

  • Adjuncts may be added at the time of Preregistration but it is recommended to use points towards a block seminar course.
  • Students planning an independent block (thesis or independent study) will need to do two things: 

    • Complete the appropriate application available under our Forms page. Application processing may vary in time depending on the quickness of returned approvals and the volume of applications received.
    • In Preregistration, search and select the general studies placeholder "GS391" for the independent block. This will temporarily fill the block while the Preregistration period is open allowing students to complete their full schedule and submit their Preregistration on time. Please note, the GS391 placeholder MUST be replaced by the correct thesis or independent study before the block begins in order to receive credit and a grade for the course.     
  • Don't forget to use your points! Check out our, Guidelines on Points and Last Year's Points to help you strategize your points distribution. You may submit Preregistration without using points but know you are risking being placed on a waiting list if the demand for the course is high and another student bids a higher point value than you do.

  • Students who are signing up for Psychology's BYOB courses in blocks 5 & 6 will need to do two things:
    • Register for the course sequence pairing as you would any other course.
    • Also use a general studies placeholder "GS391" to fill both blocks (5 & 6). This may seem like a course overload but BYOB courses are actually designed as two extended format courses and therefore students will also need two block seminar courses to recognize a full course load; the GS391s will act as this in their place and will be removed once Spring Preregistration is processed in the Fall. 
  • Students who are taking time off: one or more block off, will need to contact the Advising Hub to process the official form. First-years and Sophomore students must be granted permission from the Student Opportunities and Advising Hub to take a block off. Juniors and Seniors are allowed to take one block off per semester and may us the GS391 placeholder during the Preregistration period but must also complete the official request form through the Advising Hub. See Student Leave Policy.

Additional Resources

Preregistration Success Tips (Weekly Digest Posts)

Preregistration for Fall 2021 Semester is starting next week (4/12 – 4/30)!!! Students will be required to submit a full schedule for both Fall and Spring; Fall schedules will be processed and Spring selections will be saved as a draft to submit in the Fall during Spring Preregistration. Advisors will have 3 weeks to meet with their Advisees to review plans and share Fall 2021 Passcodes. Students have these same 3 weeks to submit their Preregistration in Banner SSB (please do not wait until the last minute to obtain your Passcode as this could jeopardize your ability to submit your selections on time!!!) Course offerings for the 2021-22 academic year have been finalized and are available in Banner SSB (a PDF version will be saved on the Registrar’s website). Preregistration Announcement letters will be sent via email on Friday, April 9th.

*A special statement about course formats for next year has been posted to the Course Schedule in Banner SSB* The College has implemented a “Plan A” and “Plan B” approach to course formats for the 2021-22 academic year. “Plan A” is that all courses will be taught IN-PERSON unless noted otherwise. “Plan B” is the back-up course format that will be implemented for the course in the event that health and safety measures require the College to adjust its offerings. ALL COURSES FOR THE 2021-22 ACADEMIC YEAR ARE CURRENTLY EFFECTIVE UNDER PLAN A: IN-PERSON BY DEFAULT UNLESS APPROVED OTHERWISE*

This Preregistration period will extend from Monday, April 12th to Friday, April 30th. No extensions will be given; Preregistration will close Friday, 4/30. Announcement letters were sent on Friday (4/12) but all information is available on the Registrar's Office webpage under the Preregistration tab.

Take a look below at a few quick tips to help you successfully complete Fall 2021 Preregistration

  • Use Stellic for Planning! Stellic is CC's degree progress tracking tool that allows students to view their progress within their requirements at the Major, Minor, and College levels and plan for future blocks using sophisticated drag-and-drop and search tool options. Check it out today from the Single-Sign-On menu.
  • Are You Looking for Courses Offered in January? If you are looking for 1.0 unit courses offered in January, please search for these courses in the Spring 2022 term under the "H" Block. January Half Block course offerings encompass both the 1.0 unit and 0.50 unit courses. Currently 1.0 unit offerings have been posted to the schedule. 0.50 unit offerings are still being prepared. All January Half (H) Block courses will not be allowed in this Preregistration Period. H Block registration will take place after Spring Preregistration in the Fall.
  • Do You Have BYOBs in Blocks 5 & 6? If you are preparing a Psychology BYOB set for your drafted blocks 5 & 6, please also add in addition to your BYOB selections the following two general placeholder CRNS to fill the blocks and complete a full schedule: 21773 + 21774.
  • Are You Doing an Independent Study or Thesis? Please make sure to complete the appropriate thesis or independent study application available on the Registrar's Office webpage under the Forms tab. These applications may not be processed fully before the Preregistration period closes. While you wait for your application to be processed, please search and select for the appropriate block's temporary, General Studies Placeholder Course "GS391". This placeholder will fill your independent block and allow you to complete a full schedule. Once your application is processed, the placeholder will be removed.
  • Don't Forget! A Fall 2021 Passcode is assigned to each student and is available from their Faculty Advisor only. This 6-character, all-CAPS letter combination may only be entered once a full schedule for Fall and Spring is in place. Don't wait until the last minute to contact your Faculty Advisor!
If any issues are experienced in the Preregistration application, please let the Registrar’s Office know; wishing you a successful week!
As block 7 winds down, Fall Preregistration has kicked it into gear! Starting last week Monday, 4/12 and closing next week Friday, 4/30, students will have these three weeks to submit their course registrations with points for blocks 1-4 and 5-8. Did you know? January course registrations are excluded from Preregistration. Take a look below for more success tips for this week!

How to Be Successful in Preregistration

  • Use Stellic for planning and requirement progress tracking! Stellic is available for current students and advisors; check it out today from the Single Sign-On page.
  • Don’t procrastinate, schedule registration meetings early! Student should meet with their faculty advisor to review their plan for the upcoming academic year and obtain their unique Preregistration Passcode.
  • Check out the Resources & Guidelines for Points and the Fall Preregistration page for more helpful information.

Over 600 students have started their class selections while almost 200 have already completed their Fall Preregistration, rounding out a great first half of the Preregistration period. Fun fact! The first-year cohort makes up the largest group (pre)registered so far, way to go!
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