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Faculty Preregistration Information

Faculty Banner Login & Preregistration Instructions-click on this link for detailed instructions to login to Banner

Preregistration for 2017-18, will be open March 27 - April 7, 2017.  Students have 80 points to bid on their courses. 

All students enter their selections via SSB during these 2 weeks.

Students must meet with their advisor to receive their student preregistration passcode.  Please encourage your advisees to bring their course selections in writing to their advising session.  There is a worksheet available to download and print to help them organize their selections.

Students cannot sign up for Independent Study or Research in preregistration.  Although this doesn't apply to First-Year students, it may apply to New Transfers.  Independent Study Drop/Add forms are available in the Registrar's Office.

Students will receive their preregistration results on Wednesday, April 12, via SSB. They may begin making changes to their schedule on drop/add forms in the Registrar's Office after the results are posted.

If you are teaching a course with the COI (consent of instructor), you will receive an email with the COI PIN.  After preregistration, all COI  courses will require signatures on a drop/add form.

If there is a COD (consent of department) designation on a course, only department chairs will receive the COD PIN via email.