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Registrar's Office Staff

Phil Apodaca


Registrar Duties, Graduations, Classrooms, Student Traffic, Enrollment Files, Clearinghouse Errors, Managing Programs, Full-time Employee Supervisor, Student Personal Leaves & Withdrawals
Student Petitions, Student Academic Requirements, Preregistration Information, Academic Leaves, Transfer Student Schedules, Transfer Credit Evaluation, IB & Advanced Standing Credit Evaluation, Graduation Certification, Student and Part-time Employee Supervisor

Christine Brett

Senior Academic Records Assistant


Transfer credit updating student records, Course Schedule, Course Updates and Course Build, Course Error Report ,Graduation-diplomas, Archives

Kira McCormack

Academic Records Assistant


Transcripts, Term Check-In , Student file creation & management, Advisor Changes, Summer Session Applications, AP & GRE scores, Academic Support, Student Information.


Ashley Nicholas

Administrative Assistant


Registrar's Project Assistant, General Student Information and Support, Verifications of Enrollment, Waitlist Maintenance, Catalog, Website, Honors Convocation, Veteran's Benefits, Supply Ordering

Karen West

Academic Records Assistant


Grades, Major & Minor declarations, Class Lists, Internships, Thesis & Independent Study Creates, Greek & Sports Rosters Maintenance, Student Information and Assistance

Greg Walters

Registrar Systems Administrator


D.I.R.T., Govt. Reports, INB Access, BlueForms, Banner 9, Snapshot/Cognos Reports, Clearinghouse Errors


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