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PIFP Fellow Spotlight

Jordan Savold '15
Jordan Savold fellow spotlight photo-copped

Yearlong Fellow, Colorado Children's Immunization Coalition

 I think that one of the most unique aspects of the program is the extent to which the experience is focused around your own journey... (see more)

Jesus Loayza '16
Jesus Loayza

Yearlong Fellow, Colorado Center on Law and Policy

No other position offered me this much room to grow. My organization has put me to work... (see more)

Rachel Lieurance '16
Rachel Lieurance

Yearlong Fellow, Colorado Education Initiative

I chose to do PIFP because it gives CC students an "in" to a sector where entry level jobs are hard to come by....  (see more)

Flora Welsh '16
Flora Welsh

Yearlong Fellow, Healthier Colorado

PIFP provided the perfect opportunity for me to test the waters to see if public health was where I wanted to end up and get that essential experience... (see more)

Kimiko Tanabe '16
Kimiko Tanabe

Yearlong Fellow, Denver Scholarship Foundation

Through the fellowship, I am doing meaningful work in a school environment. They trust me at the organization and give me a good amount of responsibility because that is built into the model of their PIFP fellowship... (see more)

Kendall Kultgen '16
Kendall Kultgen

Yearlong Fellow, Concrete Couch

PIFP partners with some of the best nonprofits in Colorado Springs and Denver and applying through the PIFP program is a unique opportunity for a position with these organizations... (see more)