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Update on Colorado Springs Wildfire

June 28, 2012

Dear Students, Alumni, and Parents,

As many of you are aware, Colorado is experiencing wildfires, including the Waldo Canyon Wildfire, which started on Saturday west of Colorado Springs. I do want to assure you that the CC campus is not directly impacted by the fire at this time.

Tuesday afternoon, due to a combination of wind, high temperatures and low humidity, the fire “blew up” and moved into residential areas in the northwest foothills of the city. On Tuesday and Wednesday about 36,000 people were evacuated from their homes. Reports today are that at least 346 homes burned. The magnitude of this disaster is huge and the community, including Colorado College, is pulling together to help those in need. As I witness the outpouring of support for others I am proud to live in Colorado Springs and be associated with Colorado College.

Some of our faculty and staff have been displaced by the fire and the college has offered them housing and meals on campus. Evacuees are staying at the president’s house, and many of our employees have offered their homes to CC families and their pets.

Firefighters made good progress today because of improved weather. Many of the easternmost evacuation orders are expected to be lifted soon. We are continuously checking air quality on campus and advising students, faculty and staff to remain indoors with windows closed when smoke is thick, or to relocate if smoke is inside a room. Air quality can change quickly with a shift of the wind. For the most current Front Range Air Quality Forecast & Colorado Smoke Outlook, visit

The CC Cabin, which lies approximately 35 miles west of campus, has not been affected by the Waldo Canyon fire. There was another fire closer to the location of the CC Cabin, the Springer fire (which started on June 17 near Lake George, Colo. That fire has now been reported as 100% contained.

When a catastrophe like this happens, it makes us both aware of how quickly life can change and appreciative of one’s blessings. Please keep all who are or may be impacted by the many fires throughout Colorado in your thoughts. Thank you!

With warmest regards,