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Thankful for Colorado College

November 27, 2013

Dear Campus Community,

After a brief start to Block 4 this week, we now prepare for a few days off to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends or family — perhaps both! I have gratitude on my mind.

My personal list is extensive this year, beginning with my family, who continue to bring me joy and support in both small and large ways.

But my list does not stop there; I owe my thanks to so many people on campus for their incredible support and dedication.

Whether it is our adventurous and talented students who continue to impress me with their intellectual curiosity and passionate spirit;

Or our intrepid faculty who engage, challenge, and support our students each and every block;

Or our staff who make life outside the classroom meaningful, fun, and productive;

Or our trustees who consistently contribute their time, effort, and resources to help us move forward as one of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges;

Or our alumni and parents who have turned out in droves all around the country to take a class from our faculty and hear about the strategic plan that we, as a community, have created.

And, as much as I loved meeting, talking with, and continuing to learn city by city throughout the first semester; I must say, I am thankful to be home for a while.

This short list of people and efforts for which I am thankful is incomplete, at best. But I hope it lets you all know that I find this community to be even more remarkable, exciting, and special than I would have thought possible.

I cannot thank you enough.

With sincere gratitude,